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Best of: Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me

Started by PAOKCURE, April 03, 2007, 11:12:10

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Which is your favourite song from Kiss me (*3) album?

The kiss
11 (16.4%)
6 (9%)
2 (3%)
If only tonight we could sleep
9 (13.4%)
Why can't I be you?
0 (0%)
How beautiful you are
3 (4.5%)
The snakepit
2 (3%)
Just like heaven
17 (25.4%)
All I want
5 (7.5%)
Hot hot hot
0 (0%)
One more time
3 (4.5%)
Like cockatoos
3 (4.5%)
Icing sugar
1 (1.5%)
A thousand hours
4 (6%)
The perfect girl
0 (0%)
Shiver and shake
0 (0%)
1 (1.5%)

Total Members Voted: 67


the recorded version of  Just Like heaven.  awesome.

Who am I? Who are you? Is this world what we percieve it to be? Do we even exist?


"The Kiss" slays all competition (best Robert studio solo guitar ever), although "If only tonight" and "One more time" come close...


I was soooo insanely happy during the second concert of the dreamtour, in Madrid when they started to play "the kiss". What could possibly top that of, than to follow on with "the snakepit". Such Happiness!!!

absolute favorite off the album would have to be "The Kiss" It is just so fantastic live!


mint car

my choice is If Only Tonight We Could Sleep  ;) because this song has brilliant lyrics...
...sleep sweet child the moon will change your mind...


Definitely The Kiss, what a solo and what an opening track for an album! So inventive and unsual for Cure at the time. :smth020

Second in my favorites is How Beautiful you are!


Too many great songs from this album. Listening to it again after not having heard it in forever. The Kiss, Catch, WCIBY, Just Like Heaven, Shiver and Shake, and The Perfect Girl are all great tracks, and Ive just recently discovered Icing Sugar being a really great song


It is always hard to make a choice, I love all the songs.

But for me Catch, I have a version on a non official CD recording (an excellent one) and this one is for me so special (I don't now why ... just a feeling inside of me  ;))
Vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss x


Very difficult to choose just one from this album - such a great album with so many great tracks.  I've been listening to this album a lot lately...

I finally chose The Kiss - such a powerful, powerful song and yes, absolutely mind blowing live.

My other personal faves are If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (dark and beautiful), Just Like Heaven (my perfect pop song), How Beautiful You Are (love the guitar, love the story), and the list goes on....   
The further we go, and older we grow, the more we know the less we show


For me, it's Like Cockatoos.  "...and looked around at all the gardens that looked back at her house like all the faces that quiz when you smile" is one of my favourite lines in a song ever.  The music is just moody and gorgeous and I love the sound of the "rain" and the way the music just becomes keyboards at the end. 

A close second would be If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (of which the version on Trilogy is, I think, one of the most powerful performances ever).

in bed amongst the stones

Catch, followed by Just Like Heaven, Like Cockatoos, then...I dunno.
Pushing her white face into the mirror...


"Just Like Heaven." It's the perfect pop song


01 Just Like Heaven (the perfect pop song. single version is even better)
02 How Beautiful You Are (beautiful song, great and whole story, amazing violin-sound)
03 Hot Hot Hot!!! (bloody-groovy funky, and great lyrics about drugs lightnings :D )


01 All I Want
02 How Beautiful You Are
03 One More Time
04 If Only Tonight...
Think about what you want to be -- human?
A person could hardly fall for it. An angel?
This is boring. A tree? It's too long, too leisurely.
A cow? That is too solid an existence.
No, a cloud -- in the late year. I want to be

(Sören Kierkegaard)


My favourites: All I Want and How Beautiful You Are


If only tonight we could sleep: I love everything about this intense song. The lyrics are beautiful and so is the guitar. Definitely in my top 10 favorite Cure songs!

How beautiful you are: takes me to Paris of the 19th century

Just like heaven: I will never get tired of hearing this song, especially in the car while cruising :)

I don't skip any song when listening this album, there is not 1 song on it that I dislike.