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Defective remasters... Let Rhino know!

Started by rjl, April 06, 2007, 00:24:39

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Well, after reading and posting in the current remasters thread for the past day or so, I did something that I normally wouldn't do: in a total manic fit, I decided to write Rhino. Their "product question" e-mail address is apparently We'll see what happens.

Perhaps others should write?


could be a good idea. i wonder if it was ever widely brought up to to them by the public.

although i guess rhino is responsible for the US releases only, those come with elektra/rhino labels.
europeans should probably write to universal/polydor(?). i really don't know. i haven't looked it up, just posted while it sprang into my mind.
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There is no Rhino in Europe, so I would have to write to Universal instead. But anyway, since the discs seem to be defective in Europe as well as in the US, the error did probably not occur in the Rhino or Universal pressing factory, but during the re-mastering process. So there would be practically nothing those labels could do about it.

I'm really curious about what kind of answer you'll get. Please keep us informed!
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I pretty much told them about the defects, esp. how the "Shake Dog Shake" one was pretty glaring (I mean at the start of an album! And of all songs...), and then tossed in some junk about how great the remasters have been otherwise (pretty much quoting an earlier post of mine, verbatim, with some edits...)...

I closed with:

"Now, I'm 100% ignorant to the CD mastering, manufacture and distribution process, so I have no clue as to what role Rhino actually plays in all of this. However, as your name is on the spine of the packaging, I figure that it's a good place as any to start.

If this is not a Rhino problem, could you perhaps forward this up the chain to whomever is most appropriate?"

Took a day to get a reply, but I so far only got back:

"Thanks for your input.  I'll forward your letter to our suggestion box."

Pretty weak.

Anyhow, even if you have the Euro. version, the defects came from the same source. And at this point they don't know or care what version you have (I never told them "I live in the US", which I happen to).

I guess it doesn't hurt for more folks to write.

The question is, would it help?



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