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Happy today because....

Started by Steve, April 14, 2007, 10:39:40

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What does a baby platypus look like? Just the sweetest darn thing ever!!
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OMG, @word_on_a_wing, you just made my day! :heart-eyes  That is even cuter than a baby hedgehog...

...and that's saying something!  :)
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Oh my God!!! I've never seen a baby hedgehog 😍... the cuteness thermometer is of the charts!
"Where the flesh meets the spirit world,
Where the traffic is thin..."


Triple happy today:

1) A good friend is staying with us for 5 days - the first stayover we've had since the pandemic.  Restrictions were eased on Monday.  My friend was supposed to be going to NZ and had booked the annual leave way ahead and then the pandemic happened.  But she's come down to hike with us instead and we've had a great day doing three coastal walks in splendid autumn weather.  We'll be walking more on the weekend, and spend tomorrow doing things in the garden and I'll be trimming a set of horse hooves.

2) I like being Mrs Growly Bear (married to a very cute Growly Bear)

3) Today I went to see my GP to get the results for the bone density scan I had last week - my first, a sort of midlife requirement so they can get a reference value for your "downhill run" into old age.  I'm 49 and theoretically at risk of osteoporosis because I had premature ovarian failure (runs in the family) at around 40.  Having said that, if you've got POF you can go on pretty good HRT these days and I feel in all respects like I felt in my 30s (except I have to put in two extra cardio sessions a week to maintain my fitness at the same level these days, but it can still be done).

...anyway, so I got into my GP's office and she said, "Sue!  This is amazing!  You actually have better bone density than the average 18-25-year old!"  And I said, "Well, that's not necessarily saying that much because most 18-25-year-olds these days are couch potatoes!"  (Australia has the "honour" of having the most overweight population on the planet these days, having won this "honour" off the USA a couple of years ago - and has a very inactive population physically).  And she went, "No, this is really good!" - and showed me a normal distribution curve like this:

Three reference values were taken:  Lumbar spine, hip, femoral head.  The first two were sitting on the right-hand side of the green area of the curve, the lumbar spine on the border (1.0 standard deviations across) and the hip close to it (0.8 standard deviations across), so they're better than 74% and ~70% of 18-25-year-olds respectively - at twice the age of these young whippersnappers.  The bone density in the femoral head was sitting just above average for 18-25-year-olds, at 0.1 standard deviation across - so I was saying, "Well, I'll have to work on that one, won't I!" - and load it a bit more, and my GP was laughing at me and saying that osteoporosis is in the red zone on the left side of the curve, and osteopenia (thin bones) in the yellow zone, several standard deviations across from where I was currently sitting, and I should just keep doing what I'm doing and wouldn't need another scan for at least ten years.  She said, "Well, you're a great example of what regular exercise, decent nutrition and a positive and proactive approach can do for your health!"  ...and it's kind of nice when your GP says that (and they're always saying it...)  :cool

Very nice day.
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Today is a holiday here ("Himmelfahrt" = "ascension"), but it felt like Sunday. How happy I was this afternoon when I realised that tomorrow is not Monday, it's Friday!! :happy

Also I was out hikin' in the woods, which makes me happy too.  :cool
If only I'd thought of the right words...


How lovely you could go for a hike!  :)

Quote from: Ulrich on May 21, 2020, 19:34:48How happy I was this afternoon when I realised that tomorrow is not Monday, it's Friday!! :happy

I know this is really bad, but Brett says you shouldn't care if Monday's blue.  :-D  :winking_tongue  :angel
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Today I went to work for the first time since we entered lockdown.
On a Friday, yay!! That feels so much like a boss that you can call me Hugo.
I felt odd, a bit disorientated, but overall, it was a quiet day.
Except for a minor detail that's best not mentioned here, and which has infuriated me to no end.
But that minor detail, on the other hand, is... I guess it can be called "part of being back to the new normal".
I like to think it is. But why oh why certain things must always go hand in hand? Sigh...  :disappointed:
And I've been glad to see again some work faces, and also some non-work faces pending the coffee break.

On an even happier note, the cats are alright.  :beaming-face  They looked a bit sleepy.


I'm glad the cats are all right, @piggymirror, and hope that the exasperating thing will become less exasperating!

We're flat out daytimes and then doing movies nighttimes, but here's a few "postcards" our friend took of our main hike on Thursday - we had unbelievably resplendent weather which brought out all the colours of the landscape...
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More "postcards" our friend Eileen took when doing the Point Possession Walk with us - it's really incredible to live in such a scenic part of the world...

...and this is the happy walkers:

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OK, more happy stuff:  A few more "postcards" Eileen took last week; these are from the day we spent in Denmark (the town, not the country!  :yum:)

The first one is not a postcard, but a photo of our crew fuelling up for walking at the famous dozens-of-bakery-awards-at-State-and-National-competitions-winning Denmark Bakery.  We're in standard household-group pandemic seating here and a bit more "together" for the moment the photo was taken, but we weren't breathing on Eileen or she on us, and with Brett and me it's a moot point since we're exchanging body fluids on a daily basis.   :angel

Note our pandemic haircuts.  Eileen decided to go blonde for this, I've been cutting my own fringe for months, and I had to cut Brett's hair recently because his work colleagues said he was starting to look like a shagpile.  :1f62d: (They've obviously not spent much time looking at The Cure playing live.   :beaming-face)  Personally I prefer my man with a bit of hair, but he grows it back rapidly (especially when fed lots of French Provencial Chocolate Cake, which seems to act as fertiliser).  Plus, unlike most hairdressers no matter what you tell them, I left enough length through his top sections so that I can still get my fingers into it while I'm waiting for it to grow back.   :angel

The pies are:  Shepherd's, Lamb & Rosemary, and Seafood (off-camera).  Drool.  :yum:  Generally speaking, I think most commercial pies are a culinary aberration made with the very worst ingredients, but the Denmark Bakery, located in a hippie town, actually uses quality ingredients - imagine that!   :1f631:   I'd rather pay twice as much for a decent pie and only have one every now and then, than constantly eat rubbish...

Anyway, thusly fuelled up, we took Eileen on the Monkey Rock car park to Lights Beach and back walk, which is a section of the famous Bibbulmun walk track (Perth to Albany, the long way around).  Here's some of the postcards from that she sent us!   :cool

That was the dog at the beginning of the walk, which tracks through a farm.  We were then too busy walking 6km through farmland and dunes till we got to the beach:

Eileen and I went off to the adjacent beach...

...and then we went home again.  Eileen got this lovely shot back over Lights Beach on the walk out - just look at that glassy wave curling over:

Happiness is wonderful basics:  Your friends and chosen family, nice food, exercise in sun and air, meaningful stuff to do, amazing landscapes.   :heart-eyes

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