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Exploring the Back Catalogue

Started by SueC, January 26, 2020, 02:58:00

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Quote from: SueC on June 20, 2020, 02:23:26...and now, as promised, my three favourite B-sides from the stuff recorded for that album

Ah, those b-sides were excellent (and still are!).  :cool

I must've bought the "Catch" 12" single in 1988 and was well impressed with the quality of the b-sides. (I could tell they were songs from the same recording session and just didn't "make" the final album tracklist.)
I already knew "A Japanese Dream" because the band had played it live (I had recorded a short concert broadcast from radio on a tape), which was kinda "unusual" for a b-side!
If only I'd thought of the right words...



Do you ever have a day where you're listless and all you want to do is sit around and recharge (while simultaneously worrying about where your get-up-and-go went, even though you know that it's not possible to always be active and performing and working and doing exercise and throwing in a few cartwheels in the middle of it all - you do actually have to rest)?

I'm having such a day, with a bit of pain thrown in as well - because I injured something in the base of my left thumb a couple of weeks back chopping down the oversized stems in the tagasaste hedge and it still reminds me of its existence, and this week I got a finger on my other hand pulled backwards when handling a horse.  Things like this don't heal in a day anymore and meanwhile there's still lots of physical work to do on the farm, so that tends to set back injuries periodically.

Flat batteries plus niggly pains kind of affects the mood.  Sunday morning pancakes (delicious with home-made blood plum sauce and cream) are followed by an uncharacteristic return to a doomy-gloomy outlook.  So you decide to make chocolate nut horns - it doesn't aggravate your injuries to do it, it will be nice for afternoon tea, plus you have lovely guests you can surprise with them when they get back in tonight, and tomorrow you have a full-on day where you're working with the mobile butcher to package 326.5 kg of home-grown beef currently hanging in quarters in his cool room, that he's going to cut for you, and he starts at dawn, and it will be good to have a box of these treats handy for this work.

The process of getting up from your nice soft bed, where you ensconced yourself with your husband reading - actually physically getting up in order to cut and fill the brioche pastry that's now risen and ready requires some kind of effective motivation.  So you go over to the CD player, survey the pile, and put on KMKMKM again.  Press play.

Instant mood lift.  I'm rolling out pastry on borrowed energy from this external source and bursting out in smiles until I'm laughing.  Why?  Because the music is fantastic and because I am under the growing impression that the lead guitarist is having a whale of a time playing that edgy and decidedly impish stuff.  Brett's calling from the bedroom, "This really is a fabulous intro!" and then the lyrics start and I'm laughing even more because they are completely outrageous, as is their delivery. 

You don't have to read the song like that.  It's a very dark song and you could take it at face value, as if every word and sound was meant literally.  Maybe it is, I don't know, ask the people who wrote it.  Maybe it's just my exhaustion, but I'm laughing and viewing it as completely tongue-in-cheek, as the same sort of delightful theatre as Lullaby.  And when we watched this on Trilogy, we could have sworn that Robert Smith was laughing his head off when he turned away from the audience after delivering the final missile, "I wish you were dead!"

Thoughts?  Comments?  How are you reading it?

This track was followed by the cute, gentle, wistful Catch, before spiralling back down the rabbit hole into dark Amazingland with Torture and If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, which I've written about before.  After that Why Can't I Be You? actually made perfect sense to me (while Brett claims it's a "distractor" like the deliberately wrong answers in a multiple choice test).

And with that, the pastries were in the oven, the kitchen was clean again, and I turned off the music to retreat to the bedroom to my nice soft warm bed to write this.  With my husband doing incredibly nice things with my bare feet.  (If you've never tried a foot rub before, please do yourself a favour and start living...  :heart-eyes )

Oh and the chocolate nut horns look pretty good as well.

Plus, as it's Sunday and we've worked hard all week, we no longer care about the items left unfinished and we're not going to do them today after all - they can wait, it's our recreation time.  So we'll enjoy our nut horns, do some reading and catch the second half of that Cureation gig, I think.  :)

Yes, we really are hobbits.

Happy Sunday to everyone out there.  :cool
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