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Interpol- New album and tour dates

Started by j, May 23, 2007, 14:43:42

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Quote from: crowbi_wan on May 25, 2007, 04:47:21
Quote from: japanesebaby on May 24, 2007, 14:38:11

luckily there are some festivals that do manage to draw some genuinely interesting artists here, but they have limited amount of money to spend so it's one or two interesting acts per year. the "big" acts that stop by outside the festival season and play stadium/larger venue shows are always something utterly crappy. i don't get it...

Like the Ilosaarirock Festival, yes?  I knew HIM would be playing somewhere in Finland this summer.  Porcupine Tree should one act to catch and one that I need to check out.     

yes Ilosaarirock is often one of the "possibly interesting" ones. unfortunately it's just a bit far from where i live so it takes some traveling to get there. i'd probably need to rent or loan a car etc. anyway, i'd really like to see porcupine tree so i suppose i need to consider it.
and thankfully it now seems they'll be playing simultaneously with HIM (on another stage) so i don't have to torture myself by seeing HIM.
i can't stand ville valo....!  :evil:

(i'd recommend checking porcupine tree out -whatever caley's telling you hehe ;)
anyway, beats chris cornell for sure! ;))
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Quote from: j on May 24, 2007, 19:46:12
Well, Caley has it pretty bad, too.  Check out the next few months in Sioux City...

06/02/07          Kansas
06/05/07          Insane Clown Posse
06/07/07          Fair Warning - A Van Halen Tribute Band + Def Repplica
06/09/07          Randy Travis
06/15/07          Firehouse + Warrant
06/16/07          38 Special
07/16/07          38 Special
08/25/07          Tone Loc
09/11/07          Chicago
12/31/07          Crystal Gayle
03/15/08          38 Special

38 special 3 times in a 9 month period!  And what a New Years Eve extravaganza, with Special Guest Crystal "Don't it make my brown eye blue" Gayle.

Ha.  You know, I never saw this until now. I know you sent me a similar e-mail around this time, but it didn't have all those bands. Actually, it wasn't as bad as you guys make it sound.

I had no idea ICP was playing at the time. I was just going to see them the other day, but screwed up in getting tickets at the last minute. And by the way, I'd rather see them over Interpol any day!  :smth016

Who's goin' chicken huntin'?

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ICP? Are you serious? :smth017 :smth078  I'd take any other show on that list over ICP.  Hell, you couldn't pay me to enough to go to one of their shows.  I know we don't always agree on bands, but those guys are pretty horrible.   


So what you're saying is that you're not Down With The Clown?

ICP - down with the clown

And don't have Clown Love?

clown love

Damn.  :lol:


After canceling a bunch of shows due to the U2 postponement, Interpol have released new tour plans.  Nothing on the west coast, though.  :?  Guess I have to wait until 2011?


october west coast, dates should be out shortly