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2007.08.14 Auckland - Vector Arena (New Zealand)

Started by psychophysio, July 05, 2007, 07:39:48

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July 05, 2007, 07:39:48 Last Edit: August 14, 2007, 20:05:06 by dsanchez
Got an email confirming it yesterday. Tickets officially on sale Monday 9th July.
Presale starts Friday 6th 2pm until Sunday 8th 5pm or until allocation is exhausted.

Password for presale is title of their 1992 album.


Just to confirm it is all on - bought 5 tix this afternoon and another friend bought 11!

Roll on August 14th  :rocker


Hi guys, are there any south aucklanders going up?  Helping out with a ride if so  :)


Hup Hup Huzzah - it's tomorrow night! Can't wait. My Dad rang me up to check if I was going - he saw an ad in the Sunday papers and even gave me some cash for tickets - how lovely!

Will post setlist when I can and try for some phone pics. I want to record it but don't have any mikes and can't afford any. Dunno if I should just get a crap recording with my mp3 players inbuilt mike (iRiver H340)


Quote from: psychophysio on August 12, 2007, 20:54:16

Will post setlist when I can and try for some phone pics. 

Really cant wait for that one..Enjoy the show man! :rocker
"Thick As Shit"


Quote from: psychophysio on August 12, 2007, 20:54:16I want to record it but don't have any mikes and can't afford any. Dunno if I should just get a crap recording with my mp3 players inbuilt mike (iRiver H340)

you could try the following:

1. turn your stereo up REALLY loud [to the point you have to yell to be heard] and do a sample recording with the inbuilt mic or

2. plug in some headphones using them as mics - this works -  and test in the same way..

oh and enjoy youreself!!!

also to make sure i got the setlist right in Brisbane, i took one of those spirex notepads in [and a pen] and wrote a quick note each time a song came up - one song per page - that way U can't mess up the song order and i noted Encore start and finishes along with the main set.. and i had numbers pre-written in the top left hand corner of each page... yes very nerdy i know..



You can rockbox the iRiver so you can record in wav rather than shit mp3....anyone (Paging Dr. Crowbi_wan) know if you can revert back to the normal iRiver firmware once you rockbox it?


Thanks for the recording tips! I have Rockboxed it already in preparation for the show.
I didn't realise you could use headphones as mics - I shall have a bit of a play after work to try things out.

Good tip about the notepad too - my memory is not great at the best of times and I was thinking what I could take to write the setlist down. 1 song per page is nice and easy too....

Not far now!  :rocker


Great show!  :rocker
No recording - too loud for my machine so no go. I danced and sang too much for it to have been any good either...
fascination street
the blood
the walk
the end of the world
pictures of you
hot hot hot
in between days
friday i'm in love
just like heaven
if only tonight we could sleep
the kiss
shake dog shake
never enough
from the edge of the deep green sea
wrong number
one hundred years
shiver and shake

encore 1:

encore 2:
three imaginary boys
fire in cairo
boys don't cry
jumping someone else'e train
grinding halt
10.15 saturday night
killing an arab

encore 3:
a forest

Review tomorrow. Best songs (for me): the kiss, disintegration, fascination street and one hundred years.
And he said " see you again" - fingers crossed!





First performance of Faith on this tour......


Faith.........thank you for listening to us Robert :rocker

great setlist again, was it a long version of A Forest as the final encore? :smth023
its nice to be nice


Nice to see that Plainsong has made it into a couple of shows so far--I hold out hope for hearing it in the US at least once!