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Your perfect birthday gift...

Started by Sussex, August 14, 2007, 07:54:52

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What is the perfect gift or present on your birthday...? :-D
"Thick As Shit"


For me...

My own potrait wearing The Cure shirt :smth023
"Thick As Shit"



Yeah, I'm pushing it.  But a girl can dream....


My wife bought me an airline ticket from Philly to Houston, then the return Dallas to Philly.  So, I get to see the band in both Houston and Dallas (the Dallas show is on my birthday!)  :rocker


my birthday is April maybe the new album and a show in the U.K. :smth023
its nice to be nice


For me I would just like to be left alone for the day to do my own thing.
Don't want to have anyone go to any fuss.
I know tomorrow's going to taste like cake


Quote from: Steve on August 23, 2007, 22:22:43
For me I would just like to be left alone for the day to do my own thing.
Don't want to have anyone go to any fuss.

me too, kind of, i suppose. i guess i'm too old for expecting to receive any presents... or something. maybe i'm too old to dream too... i used to but since it never got me anywhere so i guess i just can't bother with dreaming anymore...
i'm just pretty happy if i don't have to be somewhere at any exact time or do something just because i'm being told so, if i don't have to leave the house or get out of the bed etc.
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I completely agree that the birthday gifts should be perfect. I also would like to pick the best wedding favor ideas from the internet. Recently I had a look at the low cost collection of the favors at They are also nice. Has anyone got any experience with this website?

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Yay, thank you for that moderation!  Excellent!   :smth023  :smth023  :smth023 perfect birthday gift might be a Spammer Elimination Dalek.  Once all the spammers are eliminated, it can be reprogrammed for parliamentary use etc.   :angel

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