Fools Dance and Lockjaw MP3s...where to find them?

Started by Carnage Visor, August 19, 2007, 01:39:23

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Carnage Visor

August 19, 2007, 01:39:23 Last Edit: August 21, 2007, 02:26:34 by Carnage Visor
Hello, I know this should have gone in the General are of off-topicness, but I felt it was closer to The Cure than it was unrelated, so I figured I'd put it here.

Any way, I am now fascinated with Fools Dance after hearing a couple of their songs on Myspace. They really have that Simon Gallup-ness that The Cure had...which is why I like it.
Anyway, the songs on Myspace are not for download...which is a shame, because I can't seem to find any MP3s that ARE for download.

ANYWHERE...where can I find some MP3s of "Fools Dance"? I mean, I need MP3s for my MP3 player, so a simple "Just buy the album!!!" won't do. Plus, I don't have money because I am 15 and unemployed.

Anyway, I'm sure some of you have wanted MP3s of Simon's infamous band as well, so this should be good for all of us. Even if you have a ripped MP3 off an LP and the sound quality is not so good, that'll do!


So very very sorry, but only got it as an mp3 format.  Can't do flac. :(

If you are interested....I also have some demos, the final gig they played and one gig where they do a good amount of non-record songs.

Um, sorry about the sound quality of the songs I posted.


thank u iwannashagsimon i'also was looking for some songs of this ex-simon band .cool will download you'r mp3s

BTW: ALso you have some songs from "lockjaw"??

the oldest band of simon.

Oh that boy is a slag the best u ever had , the best u ever had is just a memory and those dreams but weren't daft as they seem , not as daft as they seem..oh my love when u dreamed them up..oh flo where did u go .. oww ohh(F.A)

Carnage Visor

Hey, thanks! I'm glad I generated some interest in the same topic!!!
And I would also LOVE to hear some Lockjaw...I don't know...Simon's bass playing is really awesome! :smth023


Lockjaw songs and 2 songs by his other band the Magspies (Lifeblood [featuring ex-girlfriend/wife, Carol, on backing vocals] and Bombs)


Wagclub, London, 12,1983

Empty Hours
The Collector
The Old Door
The Ring
Wonderful Weekend
Turn Me Back To Animal
Spinning Around
The Burn
Canary Cut
Remembrance Day
Feel The Hate

The audience doesn't like them at this gig, especially one gal.  You'll hear her just before "spinning around".


Riverside, 12/23/1984

Sorry, but I don't have a set list and I didn't put this gig into seperate songs.  This was the last gig they played and the audience is made up of friends and family.  Robert was supposedly there helping out with sound mixing.   There are some bits were there is no music.  Seems like they were making up a set list as they went along.  Also, Stuart breaks a guitar string and they try to fix it.  This is only time I ever heard them do "Happy Families.." live.

Fools Dance demos.  Given to me by a nice fella named Ben who says he got them from former FD roadie Fitz who got them from Simon. :-D


BTW....Simon sings vocals on "The Ring" and "Happy Families.."

Again I'm sorry about the sound quality, especially the Lockjaw songs. :(

Carnage Visor

August 19, 2007, 06:01:25 #5 Last Edit: August 19, 2007, 16:38:03 by Carnage Visor
Oh my god! Thank you so much! "The Collector" is a great tune!
I had no idea FOOLS DANCE was so good...I guess it has to do with the fact that it sounds almost EXACTLY like the Cure that I know and love...thanks to Simon's awesome basslines and the singer Gary Biddles, who in my opinion...sounds an awful lot like Robert in the song "The Collector".
I'm almost too embarassed to listen to that one gig, I hate when that stuff happens...the yelling I mean. I don't like to hear bands beeing booed or dissed


Quote from: Carnage Visor on August 19, 2007, 06:01:25
I'm almost too embarassed to listen to that one gig, I hate when that stuff happens...the yelling I mean. I don't like to hear bands beeing booed or dissed

What I don't understand is if she didn't like them, why even go to see them?  I doubt the band cared if she liked them or not--they took her money to the bank anyway! :smth044

Well....the nearest pub. ;)


Wow you've got many things from Fools Dance and Lockjaw iwannashagsimon.
Thanks for sharing them :)

Carnage Visor

So Lockjaw actually released an LP? I always assumed they were just a local act...


Lockjaw did release singles:

But never a full album.  They are, however, featured on various compliation albums:

Sadly, I do not own any of the Lockjaw singles or compilation albums.  All of my items I got via years of tape trading.

Carnage Visor

Now I'm interested in Lockjaw...I really like the sound of Journalist you have another copy or a different version? Anything related to Fools Dance or Lockjaw can be discussed long as it has to do with Simon!


Sorry, but what I posted for Lockjaw is all I got. :(

Carnage Visor

That's cool, I was just wondering if anyone else knew.



Thank`s for share all this wonderful music!

Somebody could re-up the Fools Dance demos??

By the way, check out my fools dance bass covers... :D


Pleaseeeee! Could someone re-up the first mp3 Fools Dance and the Fools Dance demos?