word "the hanging gardendemo-deluxe"

Started by angel, September 05, 2007, 02:43:24

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do you know the word of "the hanging garden demo-deluxe"?, any word is welcome...
this version is so beautiful, dark, intimate...with an endless end...

"...with clean hands touching me..."

with hope
...nothing would ever be the same again...

Carnage Visor

Yeah, I like the demo. I have a copy, I'm actually doing a Sims2 version of The Cure and they're playing the Hanging Garden demo...it looks pretty wimpy and uncool, but what do expect from the Sims, right?

Anyway, are you asking for a copy or what? Cause I could post a link from fileden of my copy of the demo...


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If you are looking for the words of the Hanging Garden demo lyrics here is the link to the
impressionofsounds website:


You will find the lyrics under Echoes. I hope i could help you out angel :)


thanks carnage visor, silversand, descent...

for listen to...
for speak to...

with hope :smth051
...nothing would ever be the same again...

Carnage Visor

Oh...DOH! You wanted lyrics...sorry, I wish I coulda helped with that...I need to do SOMETHING productive around here... :D