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Bandwith explained

Started by dsanchez, September 12, 2007, 21:41:35

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Someone posted this in thecure.com

"Seems to me that the idea of distributing recordings to only certain people on certain sites is elitist and stupid. What's the point? It always gets circulated anyway, so why not just avoid the bad blood?"

As is clear that not everyone understand all the technical aspects of publishing files (specially big files like audio or video files) in the Internet, I would like to explain what a "bandwith" is.

There are basically two things you hire when you contract a hosting provider:

-Space: to host your files
-Bandwith: for the traffic of your site PER month.

Everytime someone access a site, this person is consuming part of the allowed monthly bandwith. If this person, visit the site, but also download files, it's consuming even more bandwith.

Let's say for example that my hosting gives me 100Gb bandwith per month. Then I host some audio files, for, let's say, 700Mb. 700Mb it's like 0.70Gb.

Imagine now that 10 persons go to my site and download those audio files. 0.70Gb x 10 = 7Gb. That means, I have now just 93Gb bandwith left. What happen if the audio files are downloaded more times?. What happen if the audio files are downloaded 133 more times, for instance?

133 x 0.70Gb = 93.1 Gb

That means I've already exceded the bandwith and so when someone will access my site there will see now

//Bandwidth Exceeded
//Please contact the administrator of this site

If this happen, for instance on 12th september, then I will have to wait until 1st October when I would get my 100Gb bandwith back and my site would be online again. Also, I can get my site back for paying an extra-money.

On 20th august something like this happened to Curefans.com. Because of the lot of talking about the Curenews, we've got more and more visitors and our bandwith was excedeed before we arrive to september. And so, we have to pay extra-money to get the site back, otherwise, there wouldn't be Curefans.com for about 2 weeks!

As you can see, bandwith cost money, and so we should be very carefully with this.

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Perhaps that members of CUREFAN.COM which it desire could take part in the correct operation by making a donation.

What is 5â,¬ in one years ???


david maybe you should post that to cure.com too? (or maybe you already did?)
seems like especially people there don't get it because they never really use download sites at all and just think everything is for free etc.

about donations: uuuh well let's not start talking about it too much or we might start sounding like a certain boring old "god" (ha!) who's always whining about people not posting enough and not donating enough money to his pocket - pheeew !  :evil:
not that i have anything against voluntary donations, i'd be willing to make one here myself no problem.
but let us keep an eye on the rhetorics...

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