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multi language avi

Started by Steve, October 06, 2007, 18:56:47

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I have some avi files with dual soundtracks (German & English)
I want them on a disc but with just the English soundtrack (german is the default)
Any tips on what I would need to do to burn the disc?
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What format are the AVI files in?  I think DivX (or XviD) is the only AVI format that supports authoring/subtitles.

Unfortunately, I don't know much outside of authoring regular DVDs. :?


They are divX.
I tried them in wmp & can't change the language in the playback, but if i use the divx player, it's fine.
But, truth is, I want them off the hdd & on a disc. However, If I can't burn the disc in English I won't bother.
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sorry steve, i don't know anything about ediitng lossy avi/divx either. :?
(so what a useless post, i guess.)
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I think I have it.
2 solutions (for anyone who might face the same issues).
1st, use winavi to convert to VOB files & re-convert to avi (or whatever) without the unwanted audio stream.

2nd, Download VirtualDubMod build 2542 (should be the third one down on the download page).

Open the avi in it.
In the streams menu select 'stream list'.
Select the streams you don't want and click 'disable', leaving just the one stream you want left not disabled, then click 'ok'.
In the video menu make sure it's set to 'direct stream copy'.
File - save as - save the avi using a different name to the original.
In a few seconds it'll save a new version of the avi with the other streams stripped out, leaving just the one you want (the file will be smaller than the original because it won't contain the extra streams).
Then you can turn the new avi into a dvd in whatever way you usually do it.

It's only a tv series, so I'm not too worried about the lossy avi format TBH. Just wanted it off my hdd really so I don't have to run a cable into the telly from the 'puter.
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