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Remixes that butcher the original song

Started by Andy, September 10, 2005, 12:43:15

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Quote from: nausearockpig on August 07, 2008, 11:28:23
aftertaste of anger... i suppose feet can be angry!!

well, i'd be angry (at myself) if i was robert and i had to taste my smelly feet.
Ay, in the very temple of Delight
Veil'd Melancholy has her sovran shrine


i don't care for feet. i think they're ugly. even the best tidiest ones are off...


"There's nothing left but feet..."

I have this image of Robert eating his beloved from head to toes and suddenly he finds that he is already past her ankles...

( just a piece of dark humour, I'm not advocating cannibalism or anything like that...  :-D )


It is my belief that feet, in fact, are a measure of life....
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Quote from: Bloodflower on August 07, 2008, 21:24:52
It is my belief that feet, in fact, are a measure of life....

no that's seventeen seconds...


Suddenly I'm finding a whole new world of meanings in Cure lyrics...

Take this example from 'The Same Deep Water as You':

And laughing
Break against your feet
And laughing
Break the mirror sweet

Notice how "sweet" rhymes with "feet"? That can't be a coincidence, can it?


Quote from: meatfeeder on September 10, 2005, 15:00:55
Mixed Up was a terrible idea! ,The Cure just ain't a Remix kind of band their songs should just be left alone!
Why not put on live tracks for the other B-sides they would be much more welcomed instead of crappy remixes you would only play for 30 seconds ever!!

i love mixed up, and many of the remixes i like better than the originals, for example, a forest (tree mix), the walk (everything mix), let's go to bed (milk mix), lullaby (extended), hot hot hot (extended) ...

Carnage Visor

I'm going to stick my toe into a pool of hungry crocodiles and say that I think that all of the remixes butcher the originals. Like, when Digitalism did "A Forest", I think that ruined what I felt was the most redeeming part of the song, by making it all techno it took away the foreboding nature of the original and made it too dancey and commercial.

I don't know, I just have never really liked remixes (I like making them though, because I know how far is too far in terms of changing the original)

The good remixes to me are the ones that extend the song, add solos, and sound like the album version. When they go and redo all the music, it's not the same.


Too many to write all of them !
Better to notice the improved ones ...
The older ones of course
(Primary,Lovecats-The walk-Let's go to bed,In between days,
fascination street and the 92' ones high and Friday I'm in love)

Carnage Visor

Quote from: max on August 25, 2008, 22:47:41
Too many to write all of them !
Better to notice the improved ones ...
The older ones of course
(Primary,Lovecats-The walk-Let's go to bed,In between days,
fascination street and the 92' ones high and Friday I'm in love)

I'm with you there! The 12" version of Let's Go To Bed is very similar to the album version, but slightly different production and mixing. The drums sound a bit different, and the bass/synth sounds a bit dubby. It's mixes like that that are exciting to listen to!


Quote from: lostflower4 on October 05, 2005, 16:50:09
Starting in '96, it seems like the Cure pretty much gave up on remixes in the traditional sense. Either they were extreme departures of the original, or barely different at all. Listen to the remixes that appear on the 13th and Mint Car singles. They're barely "remixes" at all.

1997 gave us about a bunch of Wrong Number mixes. The only one that really strikes me is the Crossed Line - Warm Vocal one. I find it very hypnotizing.

Then comes 2000. All we got is 4 remixes of Maybe Someday, 3 of which are exactly the same except for the length. And oh yeah, the strange Watching Me Fall remix that most of us probably hate.

And finally, 2004. No remixes at all, unless you count the single mixes which are the same but just shortened a bit.

Has the era of remixes come to a grinding halt? :(
At 2004, i actually think there were some remixes released. I remember a The End Of The World remix that was unreleased, internet? And i should think about more. There was a lot of another versions like the alt ver of Going Nowhere, or demos like labyrinth, fake, jason (Turned into Never.) or the radio edit of the end of the world, unreleased songs like Song Five, Strum, Please Come Home or even scratch sketches like Someone's Coming.
2000 remixes:
Watching me fall (Underdog Remix)
3 remixes of maybe someday (Dance mix, hedges mix and one more, i don't remember the title)
like 2 or 3 remixes of out of this world, one of them is radio edit so it makes it two remixes
39 (Karsh Kale Remix)
Just Say Yes (Curve Remix)
Cut Here (Missing Remix)
Signal To Noise (Extended Remix)
The Last Days OS (Extended Remix) probably a bootleg
There is no if (Drum Remix)
More Than This (Mysterious Remix)
Yesterday's Gone (X-Mix)
There's also a little bit more, if i'll find some i'll edit the post and put it into the list.
1997: (My favorite era of remixes) :lol:
WN (Crossed Line Remix)
WN (16b Varm Vocal(Cros...blah blah blah Remix)
WN (Engaged Remix)
WN (Dub Analogue Exchange Remix)
WN (Analogue Exchange Remix)
WN (Single Remix)
WN (Digital Exchange Remix)
WN (ISDN Remix)
WN (Acoustic Remix)
WN (Smith Remix) or p2p remix, idk how You call it out there)
there was also a demo of WN called "A Thought'' and the Analogue Exchange Mix was called "Lime Green" before i changed its title to analogue..blah blah mix.
btw i don't know what's going on with the radio mix of wrong number, i don't know if it's fake or not.....

Lime Green Lime Green and Tangerine