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Tips to tape a concert

Started by nausearockpig, August 12, 2007, 11:07:03

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November 17, 2007, 02:38:09 #15 Last Edit: November 17, 2007, 02:44:47 by admin
Quote from: lostflower4 on November 17, 2007, 02:35:12
Quote from: sullen on November 17, 2007, 02:29:54I think Ernie covered all my tricks so i can't give much more advice than that.

One thing I might add...

Taking beer breaks in the middle of songs "slightly" ruins the sound of a recording. Well, now you know.  :lol:

This is very true, but my sound was ruined with my seats anyways, so....

and hey, it was only on the pop songs!  : )


Quote from: sullen on November 17, 2007, 02:38:09This is very true, but my sound was ruined with my seats anyways, so....

and hey, it was only on the pop songs!  : )

Well, you left right in the middle of the Club America guitar solo. Say what you will about that song, but it's the first time they played it in 10 years â€" and Robert was rocking out.  :?

Did you do this at every show you go to?  Just an honest question...


Sorry to disappoint you.
Not a fav track of mine and had more than my fill of it on the Swing tour...

From where I was standing, as you heard when I was not at the bar.
The sound was nothing great.

Every show?
Absolutley not.

There are variables on when I will wander the venue:
How good my spot is.
How much i like the band.
How drunk i am.
How good the performance is.
How much my back hurts.
How much i like the song playing when i want a drink.
Etc, etc, etc..........

If I am taping a band I like alot by the stacks,
of course, i am stone the whole show.

Even if im taping a band I love,
and i have a bad spot, 3 nights in mexico for example,
i may not put full effort into a tape.

It's not crucial to me to stand still for excessive legnths
of time if i feel the final outcome won't be worth it to me.

I was miles away from the stage in a tin can with omnis,
so it really wasn't worth it for me......

Had i been on the floor,
this would have been a different story.....

Normally I wouldn't have shared a tape with that quality to begin with,
but you all wanted to heear it, and nobody else was stepping up to the
plate with their sources, jeff is excluded from that comment, and i know
the other guys have their reasons, and i know what reasons they are,
which i respect, aside from the two sellers.


In all fairness, I think your third night recording is decent and enjoyable to listen to (when you were facing the stage ;))

Sure, it would have been better if you were closer...


Re; nausearockpigs' suggestion at number 4.. ahem..."Is that your microphones, battery box, camera and leads or are you just pleased to see me?"...

Quite incredible what you have to do!!! I have already patted these guys on the back in the "stealth" thread... so ditto to you people too!! :smth023
" Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain "...


thanx, im not so happy with it though.

sec c14

so not really, way way way back,
of course i was looking towards stage/stacks,
but this was just too far to get a good pull.  : (


I liked the Mexico recordings, so many thanks for those.
Even the beer breaks make me smile. ;)
Good job you weren't in E1 then.....
I know tomorrow's going to taste like cake


second night i was in, E31 i think it was,
third night was C14
first night was E19, in the very last row.


Damn, dude.  You did have some shit seats.  First night I was A8, second to last row, second night, front row of A6.  See where the front corner of A6 is cut off- right where A1 meets A6?  That is where I was!


Yeah, they were pretty pitiful.
Happy to be there, but the seating was terrible.
I haven't had seats that bad since the swing tour.

I booked all the tickets when the first night was "sold out"
and there were only nosebleeds left for the other two.

2 weeks later, floor seats for all 3 nights were released.
I was pissed.


Can anyone give tips about recording in a small venue (100-200 persons)?

My equipment is an iRiver iHP-120, Giant Squid Audio Lab Omnidirectional Powered Stereo mics, and sound professionals mini-battery module.

Yesterday I taped the Cranes concert in Paris. It was all perfect. I even could put the mics attached to some fixed area so no problem about moving, etc.

But when I hear the record, the bass is just toooooo much.

Is this because it was a small venue or because of the fact I recorded very close to the stage? (I'm a big Cranes fan so I wanted to be very close to Alison).

I have taped before in big venues (5000-50000 people) and it was fine despite I didnt have good mics like these I have now.

Tips are welcome!
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You are at the cranes show yesterday !!!

You must tell me that you are going to this show, I have some french friend from LOUDEST CURE who are going to !!!

Next time ...


That's a pitty! I was using my shirt expecting to meet some Cure fans but nothing... Anyway, I will let you know next time! :smth023

Anything about my recording that sucks?! :roll:
2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens


Quote from: dsanchez on October 15, 2008, 19:07:58Anything about my recording that sucks?! :roll:

Well, I'm just going to be blunt in saying that it's not really a problem of "too much bass", but more specifically that the recording (especially the bass) is distorted.

I'm really not sure how this happened. Assuming you didn't alter the levels in the sample you provided, it seems like you weren't overloading the iRiver.

I really hope Sound Professionals battery box is compatible with Giant Squid mics. Most mics/battery boxes tend to be interchangeable with a standard 9 volt bias power, but I'll try to find more info about this.

As for your position... As a general rule of thumb I never get closer than 5 rows from the stage when I'm in the center. When you're too close, a lot of the sounds from the PA can go over your head, leading to a strange mix. Sometimes it helps to be a fair distance back -- but that all depends on a lot of different things.

On other hand, there are times when getting close to the stage is necessary. But in these cases I'd recommend picking a side and basically recording one of the stacks. This is helpful in venues with bad acoustics, lots of talkers, or a poor PA system.

But I'd say the two big problems with your recording here are that it's distorted (I'm not sure why), and that you were probably too close for this particular situation.


Quote from: dsanchez on October 15, 2008, 18:28:23
Is this because it was a small venue or because of the fact I recorded very close to the stage? (I'm a big Cranes fan so I wanted to be very close to Alison).

Haha, love and "business" don't go well together...  :-D