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Here is a list of all Curefans members (that we know) going to the shows in 2008, which could be useful for making wanting to meet up. This list will be updated continuously! If you want to contact other members, you can post it in the contact others fans section. If your name is not in this list and you are going to one or more of these gigs, let us know! Enjoy!

If you want to plan meeting with other fans, you may discuss it in the Contact other fans section :smth023

North American 4Tour

2008.05.09 Fairfax - Patriot Center 
j, cat_pet, marcialuna
[live event coverage: j]

2008.05.10 Philadelphia - Wachovia Spectrum 
j, rodney, cure_kitty, Jozef
[live event coverage: j]

2008.05.12 Boston - Agganis Arena 
cat_pet, sullen
[live event coverage: sullen]

2008.05.14 Montreal - Bell Centre (Canada)
[live event coverage: Erik]

2008.05.15 Toronto - Air Canada Centre 
Alejandroe84, the exploding boy
[live event coverage: the exploding boy]

2008.05.17 Rosemont - Allstate Arena 
j, Plainsong, Meddy, iwannashagsimon, LuvURobert, rodney, JohnDoe, rDaut, Soxguy, phenom72, sugarswirl
[live event coverage: j]

2008.05.19 Kansas City - Starlight Theatre 
j, JohnDoe, rDaut
[live event coverage: j]

2008.05.21 Morrison - Red Rocks Amphitheatre 

2008.05.23 West Valley City - E Center
crowbi_wan, mtat75

2008.05.25 George - The Gorge Amphitheatre 'The Gorge Sasquatch! Festival'   
crowbi_wan, CureWhispers, cat_pet, punx_chix, j.zeeba

2008.05.26 Vancouver - General Motors Place (Canada)

2008.05.28 San Jose - HP Pavilion
crowbi_wan, punx_chix, Plainsong, DJscribbles

2008.05.29 Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara Bowl
crowbi_wan, Bloodflower, JohnDoe, Nanashi, Plainsong, cureheart, cosmic hearse, Cold Colours
[live event coverage: Bloodflower]

2008.05.31 Los Angeles - Hollywood Bowl
crowbi_wan, Plainsong, 4NG13-angie, mirai sometimes, Nanashi, cureheart, cosmic hearse, jbud1980

2008.06.01 Los Angeles - Shrine Auditorium
crowbi_wan, Bloodflower, Plainsong, cureheart, xzombiexmoosex, cosmic hearse
[live event coverage: Bloodflower]

2008.06.03 San Diego - Cox Arena
crowbi_wan, Plainsong, mirai sometimes, cureheart, jbud1980

2008.06.04 Phoenix - Dodge Theatre

2008.06.06 Dallas - American Airlines Center
j, shel1971, mirai sometimes, sugarswirl
[live event coverage: j]

2008.06.08 Austin - Austin Music Hall
j, JohnDoe, mirai sometimes, sugarswirl
[live event coverage: j]

2008.06.09 Houston - Toyota Center
j, mirai sometimes, sugarswirl
[live event coverage: j]

2008.06.11 Tampa - St. Pete Times Forum

2008.06.13 Sunrise - Bank Atlantic Center

2008.06.15 Duluth - Gwinnett Center

2008.06.16 Charlotte - Charlotte Bobcats Arena
JohnDoe, thcure69

2008.06.18 Cleveland - Venue TBA
[live event coverage: j]

2008.06.20 New York - Madison Square Garden
j, Cure Freak, 4NG13-angie
[live event coverage: j]

2008.06.21 New York - Radio City Music Hall
j, cat_pet
[live event coverage: j]

European 4Tour

2008.02.09 Stockholm - Hovet (Sweden)    
japanesebaby, doubt, titania1307, Poe
[live event coverage: japanesebaby]

2008.02.11 Oslo - Spektrum (Norway)
six_different_ways, soldoutscandal
[live event coverage: no-one]

2008.02.13 København - Forum (Denmark)
lepep, chinaski, forever cure, wishfulthings
[live event coverage: wishfulthings]

2008.02.15 Hamburg - Color Line Arena (Germany)
silversand, boo, Tof, Druide, japanesebaby
[live event coverage: japanesebaby]

2008.02.16 Berlin - Berlin Arena (Germany)
Tof, japanesebaby, lacrima mosa, silversand, Druide, poksi, wilco, figurehead, supel, The Outsider, sullen
[live event coverage: japanesebaby]

2008.02.18 Warszawa - Warsaw Torwar (Poland)
nevyn, blue, Mr_Alphabet, sinking, The Outsider, B-Flower, ben fenner
[live event coverage: nevyn]

2008.02.19 Katowice - Spodek (Poland)
nevyn, blue, lostinaforest, sinking, supel, The Outsider, B-Flower, jakso
[live event coverage: nevyn, supel]

2008.02.21 Praha - Saska Arena (Czech Republic)
areloz, lovecat, budvarka, jakso
[live event coverage: jakso]

2008.02.23 Wien - BA-CA Halle Gasometer (Austria)
lacrima mosa, Steve, lovecat, silversand, Dirk_X, Mr_Alphabet, monghi, figurehead, japanesebaby, dsanchez, JohnDoe, The Outsider, mint car, jakso
[live event coverage: japanesebaby]

2008.02.25 München - Olympiahalle (Germany)
lacrima mosa, silversand, Dirk_X
[live event coverage: lacrima mosa]

2008.02.27 Zürich - Hallenstadion (Switzerland)

lacrima mosa, vnvrum, soulmate
[live event coverage: lacrima mosa]

2008.02.29 Roma - Palalottomatica (Italy)
gioez, Lady, disintegration, [labyrinth], Steve, psichonaut, figurehead, Erpomata, Plainsong16, nevyn, Lacricure
[live event coverage: [labyrinth]]

2008.03.02 Milano - PalaSharp (Italy)
Lady, disintegration, lacrima mosa,  [labyrinth], Erpomata, Plainsong16, Lacricure, Robiola
[live event coverage: erpomata]

2008.03.04 Marseille - Le Dome (France)
Tof, Druide, cure4sale, yann_de_cannes
[live event coverage: olivier, Tof]

2008.03.06 Madrid - Palacio de los Deportes (Spain)

Tof, areloz
[live event coverage: olivier]

2008.03.08 Lisboa - Pavilhão Atlântico (Portugal)
Tof, B-Flower, carnagevisors, smitha, areloz,
[live event coverage: japanesebaby]

2008.03.10 Barcelona - Palau St Jordi (Spain)
Tof, lastdance2007, nevyn, Druide, areloz
[live event coverage: olivier]

2008.03.12 Paris - Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy (France)
[meeting point: tba]
etkimi, japanesebaby, Tof, crowbi_wan, Druide, frog_s, lacrima mosa, Dirk_X, toper69, airneck, Yves28, mcfyellow02, soulmate, vsoleil, Showbiz, chinaski, nevyn, erpomata, dsanchez, Hero, plainsong16, JohnDoe, Descent, yrbadrenau
[live event coverage: Staff]

2008.03.14 Antwerpen - Sportpaleis (Belgium)
Tof, Yves28, joeri, squeek, Mr_Alphabet, Sands, fear of ghosts, crowbi_wan, rowal, cat_pet, mxsmith
[live event coverage: olivier]

2008.03.16 Oberhausen - Konig-Pilsner Arena (Germany)

silversand, JohnDoe, cat_pet, mxsmith
[live event coverage: olivier]

2008.03.18 Rotterdam - Ahoy (The Netherlands)
rowal, t0ne, temptation-cure, caiostro, mxsmith, cat_pet, six_different_ways
[live event coverage: olivier]

2008.03.20 London - Wembley Arena (England)
carliofandango, boo, Andy, boneheadhaggar, chinaski, strange_day, silversand, Hero, The Outsider, wishfulthings, cat_pet, ben fenner,   six_different_ways
[live event coverage: olivier]
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Re: members going to the 2008 shows + Live event coverage
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2008, 23:45:23 »
I just updated this topic with the events which (so far) will be live covered by If you are going to one of these events, and you wish to keep us update of what's going on during the event (I guess you just noticed that curefans are desperate to know what happened in the show), do not hesitate to write us :smth023

This help will be "rewarded" with 10 karma points.
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2008.05.21 Morrison - yellow Rocks Amphitheatre

Interesting venue. I guess this is another secret show?  ;)

Hahahaha...Sorry dude. Strange thought, cause I know its "Red Rocks" :smth017
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