What made you feel sad today?

Started by scatcat, November 16, 2007, 15:08:49

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The state of the mirabelles on the tree in the garden... due to a lot of rain, the fruits are all split open, so not much can be done with 'em, except eat a few right now, before they'll be rotting...
It's never enough...


...can you take all the ones that aren't rotting, and stew them up?  You can freeze this stuff then.  :)

...this is with our Japanese blood plums, but the principle is the same.  8L pot will do nearly a bucket at a time... stoning the fruit is the most time-consuming thing.  I did around 15 buckets of plums alone last summer and now we're in transports over the taste of this stuff in winter, on pancakes and waffles, in yoghurt, on toast, on semolina, you name it...

PS: Mirabelles may benefit from a dash of rum!  ;)
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Quote from: SueC on August 31, 2020, 15:28:55...can you take all the ones that aren't rotting, and stew them up?

This is being done. Spent much of the morning shaking the tree and sorting out those which are usable and later stewing will be done (probably not by me, better that way...)!  :cool
It's never enough...


Excellent!  :)

...the ones that aren't usable, you can feed to some local cows - if they're just starting to ferment, but not if they're mouldy - because cows get tipsy on fermented fruit!  :lol:  Just don't overdo... there was a genuine case of severe alcohol intoxication in dogs reported in the Australian Veterinary Journal a while back, where a couple of Rottweilers were unconscious and had to go on drips because they'd been fed uncooked pizza dough (owner had a pizzeria).

So, "sad today" just became less sad.  But, I've something genuinely sad.  Carla Suarez Navarro, a really nice tennis player on the international circuit, got diagnosed with Hodgkin's and has six months of chemotherapy coming up. :worried:  I'm hoping she's going to make it, she's only 31... the odds are reasonable actually, but even so, chemotherapy is a horrible business...
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The vacancy and demolition of older buildings continues. Now it hits Herforder Strasse 6, built in 1903, Bad Oeynhausen. 😒
Hoch lebe der Herbst!
(Sören Kierkegaard)

L'homme paye après sa mort, le peuple toujours de son vivant: cherchez pourquoi sont tombés les empires? par l'injustice.
(Le livre du sceptre: politique p. 126)


Sorry to hear that, @MeltingMan. :'(  Over here, in our regional centre, we used to have a lovely beachfront hotel made of sandstone that had been built by some rich philanthropist in old-style. 

About 15 years ago, the perfectly functional, beautiful, site sensitive building was demolished by its new owners who were greedy to make money by building a big monstrosity on the site instead.

And this is the kind of horrible faceless soulless fish tank they wanted to put there instead - into our historic little town full of colonial architecture:

(Plus, can you see how close to the current sea level that is - and sea levels are both currently rising, and projected to rise more as the icesheet melting accelerates.  We shouldn't even be putting new buildings into locations like this.  But, developers are still planning on it, and have also asked the town council for a sea wall to "protect their investment" - the developers should be paying for their own sea wall, instead of getting the town council to rob us ratepayers for it.  What happens to the neoliberal mantra of "user pays" (applied to education, health, other public services - which we're already paying for with our taxes anyway) when they're going to be out of pocket themselves?  That's right, that idea doesn't apply to them - it really means, "The little people pay for their own stuff and get the most meager public services we can get away with, and the little people subsidise our stuff, and then we reap the profits and spit on the community." :evil:)

Then the Global Financial Crisis happened, and the owners had to put everything on hold.  So now, instead of having a lovely sandstone building in which we could go for coffee and a meal, and which was a mainstay venue for local bands, the locals have had this for 15 years:

Admittedly, it's still better than the monstrosities that developers want to put there instead.  I don't know how many protests and petitions we've had, but nobody ever listens to the locals these days, big money always imposes their shiitake on us, with the blessing of our local council of thugs, who do anything but represent the will of the local community.  Nice democracy, even at this level.  NOT.   :smth011

Meanwhile, locals are having gallows humour fun.  Sometimes we're all putting socks on the security fence around the hole in the ground, and sometimes it's more quirky:

But at the base of it, we're just dealing with the same old crap, and it's really sad.
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