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Started by angel, November 20, 2007, 02:00:18

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what is the best version of "homesick" for you ?...

with hope
...nothing would ever be the same again...


I don't have any "live" versions of this song, but I have been really obsessed with this song over the last month or so!!  Mostly in my car when I'm driving I tend to keep playing it over and over.  :smth001
"And I shiver and shake
When I think of how you make me hate"


I've been a little obsessed with this one lately too!  The only live version I have is the one from Trilogy - love it!
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I guess Trilogy is also the only live version I own of Homesick as well.  Forgot about that one ~ I just watched it again though and it's amazing!!  Haven't seen that in a while.

Thanks for reminding me, sues777!! :smth001
"And I shiver and shake
When I think of how you make me hate"


I like the Entreat version and also the Trilogy one very much.
But i think these are the only versions i have from homesick  :)


i like so much "homesick" in california 1989-09-10, robert saying "never go never go never go home"...

with hope :smth051
...nothing would ever be the same again...


Homesick is one of my top 5 Cure songs (or even top 5 songs in general).
The version on "Entreat" is especially good. Crisp sound, perfectly played, just enough reverb in the recording to make you feel like you're there, and when Simon's bass comes in ... it kills me every time.
Just wonderful really.

Some of the early Disintegration shows aren't as strong (Hamburg and Essen for example), but those versions are still great.

I really do love that song all the way around.
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The Wembley 89 (3rd night) version is stunning, but try the Budapest 89 one. 8)
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