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Here it is... the book thread!

Started by scatcat, November 30, 2007, 03:55:17

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If anyone here is interested in a good "whodunnit" - say if you've been reading / watching Wire In The Blood and that's your thing - and / or you're interested in the psychology of what makes people tick, then I highly recommend JP Delaney's The Girl Before.  It looks at psychological dysfunction in individuals, but also on an organisational level and a cultural level - constantly getting you to consider what you think is healthy and not, and how far is too far, and what is really going on in a relationship.  The main story is about a woman called Jane who moves into a unique architect-designed home that is affordable to rent, but also requires you to stick to pages and pages of special rules about how to live in this house, and to be a guinea pig under the microscope.  Jane falls for the architect, and finds out the woman who lived in the house before also had a relationship with the architect, and looked eerily similar both to herself and the architect's deceased wife.  The previous tenant died in the house after falling off the staircase, and the coroner recorded an open verdict.  Murder? Accident? Suicide?  Jane is determined to find out.

Really good books ask more questions of the reader than they answer, and this is definitely one of them.

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