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The Cure Donate Guitar to Aid in Inmate’s Defense

Started by DJFreekSh0w, December 11, 2007, 03:21:09

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Alternative rock band joins the fight to free the West Memphis Three

December 8th, 2007: San Francisco, Calif.â€" The Cure will be auctioning a customised Schecter RS-1000 acoustic guitar to raise money for the defense fund of three wrongfully-imprisoned Arkansas men. Damien Echols (who is on death row), Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley, Jr.â€"also known as the West Memphis Three ( â€"were convicted for murdering three elementary school children in 1994.

This special guitar was not only designed to lead singer and guitarist Robert Smith’s specificationsâ€"maple body with spruce top, maple and rosewood neck and specially designed white pearl moon and star inlaysâ€"but it was also used in the studio by the musician this year.

The guitar is signed by all four-band membersâ€"Robert, Simon Gallup (bass), Jason Cooper (drums), and Porl Thompson (guitar); and features a unique Cure logo drawn by Thompson, who is responsible for the majority of the band’s artwork down the years. It also includes a “Free the West Memphis Three” message written by Smith.

The auction will last for 14 daysâ€"from December 11 (Echols’s birthday) to December 25â€"one day for each year the West Memphis Three have spent behind bars.

The starting bid for the instrument has been set at $999.

“It is my hope that through Skeleton Key Auctions, both funds and awareness will be raised about the travesty perpetrated on these three innocent men,” said Anje Vela, president of Music4Life. “Cases like the West Memphis Three’s are a blemish to our justice system. No innocent man or woman should be left to rot in prison without recourse, just because they lack the financial resources for a fair fight. Skeleton Key Auctions is grateful for bands such as The Cure who have generously donated to this cause.”

For further information about the guitar and to place a bid, log on to or


thanks for this information  :rocker

just bought one, but this one is pretty special, and for a worthy cause. :smth023

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just for interest sake, are there any potential bidders out there? The auction due to start soon.. and there is quite a lot of interest so far!

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the auction had stared overnite, and bidding is already up to $3,000.00  :smth100
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I went in and had a look also...its $3,050 at the would want to ensure you keep your fingers off your mouse pad hey!!?? wouldn't want to accidently click on the bidding bit..
Like scatcat asked...anyone placing a bid??
good luck if you are!!  :smth023
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Thanks for the info and the links DJFreekSh0w :)
I hope someone bits a lot of money for the guitar, because for this reason it would be great.
Haven't heard about the West Memphis Three till now. 
I really hope that the justice will roll up the case and find out that the three man are innocent.
Death penalty is in my opinion the wrong way.


yes silversand... if a signed copy of Festival 2005 sold on ebay for over $2,000.00, then this signed guitar should reach much higher!!

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Fatter than Bob, balder than Porl, as sober as Simon, as amusing as Jason


bidding is up to $3,600.00.

My guess it will raise more than $4,500.00 USD !! ;)

~edit~.. up to $3,850.00..  :smth023.. bit out of range now.. ;)
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