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What do you want for Christmas?

Started by Yanna Sometimes, December 18, 2007, 05:31:00

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i think people buying lots of gifts/expecting other people to buy a lot of gifts is so futile. i never buy anything to anyone (and everyone i know knows that) and i don't expect to receive anything from anyone. over the years i've lost some friends (or, should i say "friends") because of this, because people were insulted that i didn't buy them any presents - hey, wtf?? whatever.

this year especially, the whole christmas consumption madness has made me extra sick - i used to bear it somehow but this year i just couldn't stand any of it. i went to the shopping mall once, two weeks before christmas, and i started getting physically sick, like i was going to throw up. it's just "give me this, give me that" I want this, I want that". everything's screaming "CONSUME CONSUME BUYBUYBUYMOREMOREMORE" at your face, everywhere you go. it's just a totally mindless, totally soulless and so totally goddamn unnecessary. it's mostly people wrapping up their own greed on this nice package.
i freaking hate christmas for all that. it's all so futile.

the only good thing about christmas is that i get 2 1/2 weeks holidays from work - so thank you baby jesus for that haha :-P
and it's nice to relax a bit, have some good food with the family, spend a few quiet days away from everything etc. but that's it.
for me, everything else about christmas sucks BIG time.
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