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How did you celebrate the new year?

Started by dsanchez, January 01, 2008, 17:44:50

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How did you celebrate the new year?

At home, with family
6 (37.5%)
Home alone
2 (12.5%)
In a crazy party
4 (25%)
In the beach
1 (6.3%)
In the plane
0 (0%)
In the bus
0 (0%)
In some bar
1 (6.3%)
I didn't celebrate, went to sleep
2 (12.5%)

Total Members Voted: 16


2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens


ummm... pathetically... Home Alone. watching The Beatles on T.V., and a few Vodka Cruisers ( with my cat..) ..( he doesn't drink..although he did watch t.v. with me!!) :(

I kinda like it that way. YES it is depressing, but my son sent me a very special message just after midnight.. so I stopped feeling so lonely by then..   :smth060
Ohh.. why do I bother to post depressing stuff.. This year's resolution is to NOT mention how empty my life is ... especially without u guys..   :smth023

~edit~ ... 'In a bar', or 'In a plane' or 'On a bus" sounds quite adventurous!!  :-D
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I celebrated with mum. We watched a crap local show with crap entertainment with crap hosts with crap questions to crap drunks who prolly won't rememeber crap about last night.  Basically it was a crappy night.

To make it worse the show had multiple hosts at multiple parties.  They kept switching back and forth between all of them so much you lost track of who was where.  The only cool thing was they did have one site be the Willowbrook Ballroom. That is a place where the famous Chicago ghost Ressurection Mary has been seen. :smth001  They even mentioned her on telly and wondered if she'd join them.


Was a crazy party at home with a bunch of friends. We take it in turns to host the new year's party & this year it was at mine.
Glad the girl downstairs had gone out for the night, as the thought of a subwoofer thumping until 5am would have driven me to buy a gun & execute the owner :oops:

Was a goody though & I expect to be finding bits of confetti for the rest of the year.
I know tomorrow's going to taste like cake


home alone.
i don't really like new year - it was fun when i was a kid/younger but these days i don't really care. it's just a day, nothing special.
and i totally hate the idiotic tradition around here, which is that everyone's "supposed" to be completely drunk and out of their tiny minds on new year. people do everything to embarrass themselves in public and think it's cool. ok.  sorry if i don't exactly connect with that. :roll:

but i did a stupid thing and decided to go out to see some fireworks around midnight. there's this rather high hill pretty close to where i live and a lot of people go there, to shoot out fireworks and watch them. i've been there before and it was sort of alright then- this year was completely different, unfortunately. there were lots of totally idiotic groups of young drunk people who started shooting fireworks just into any direction possible, not just upwards but over people's heads and even down on/to the ground. people can be SO stupid!  :evil:
there was a big one exploding right on the ground just a couple of meters to my left, i was the unlucky person standing closest to it. and i am SO f**king happy that i didn't lose an eye or something there, luckily i happened to be looking into another direction so it exploded almost behind my back. but my ears were ringing for the whole night and it was NOT fun.
i left quickly after that and the chaos there seemed to continue.
today i heard in the news that the new year had been exceptionally restless in helsinki and a lot of accident sdid happen - hey, i'm not surprised!
and unfortunately i wouldn't be surprised if some people got injured there up on the hill - i just hope they didn't hurt any innocent bypassers/people who merely came there to watch and had no part in that idiotism. :smth011

anyway, a good thing about it: next new year (which i'll very likely also spend home alone) i don't have to bother going there anymore, maybe i'll just sleep over the whole damn thing.
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Cure Freak

Didn't celebrate, just another day for me. But, didn't have to work. Just caught up on cleaning and laundry.


Crazy party at a transvestite club called The Birdcage with my friends. It was a masked/fancy dress party so i was little red riding hood - any excuse to wear a cape!
Then fireworks in the city centre and we decided to walk home which for some reason took over 2 hours! :?


I've celebrated the new year with my parents and with friends of my parents ( neighbours)and we were out for food in an Italian restaurant, they had a new year's eve menue. It was very good. After that we went home to my parents house watched a political cabaret show, which my mother taped from tv.

At 12 p.m. we drank a glass of sparkling wine, went outside and watched the fireworks. And then we watched "Dinner for One" . It's a real classic here in Germany and it's sooo funny.
By the way it's in English without subtitles.
They broadcast it very year on New Year's Eve :)

Edit: Only for info: If some likes to watch Dinner for one here is the link for a youtube video:


Most people in Peru go for camping to the beach in new year's night. I did this once when I was teenager, but for me it have been quite calm in the past years.

This year we spent the new year's night in my parent's home. As always, eating a nice dinner from my mother. We were watching a movie until 23.50 and then we went out to the street to start the fireworks. This is a tradition in my family, and, do not worry, we don't throw it to the people :).

At midnight we drunk champagne, ate twelve grapes (a wish for each grape) and stay  at home. At 01.00 we continued watching the movie, then probably watching something else. When I realised, it was already 03.00 so we went to sleep.

I think it was alright, no need parties at this time. And since maybe I'm leaving the country soon I think to spend the new year's night with the family was good.
2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens


Quote from: japanesebaby on January 01, 2008, 18:58:29
there was a big one exploding right on the ground just a couple of meters to my left, i was the unlucky person standing closest to it. and i am SO f**king happy that i didn't lose an eye or something there, luckily i happened to be looking into another direction so it exploded almost behind my back. but my ears were ringing for the whole night and it was NOT fun.

I'm glad nothing bad happened to you. I have not seen or hear about something like this happening in Peru, but some kids lost the hand or even the whole arm because of using too dangerous rockets.
2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens


We stayed home this year too ( and last year)..just me, my man and the 2 dogs.. watched the "Beatles" specials, (loved it!) drifted off to sleep ( bloody hot though!) then at 12.00 we were woken by one of our little dogs who became a bit fretful at the fireworks being let off at the beach; (both our woofers sleep inside by the way), so we soothed him whilst the other one worried about his pal ( funny creatures, dogs)..The fireworks and amusements are held each year on the sea front, which is attended by many locals and tourists, a nice touch really. This year we didn't have any LUNATICS playing music so loud you could hear it on the moon, no screeching tyres, no yelling in the distance...maybe the oppressive heat knocked all the di**heads out; very peaceful, and the new year clicked over.."happy new year" we whispered to each other, then back to the land of nod...not very exciting, but it's what we like these days....had many New Years going "bunta" more!! no thanks.... :-D
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I did a 12.5 hour shift at work and we had a New Years Eve dinner for the residents, I work in aged care. We put the clocks forward and had Happy New Year at 7pm. It was a very moving experience everyone holding hands and singing Auld Lang Syne, blowing bubbles and lots of happy smiles all round, and a few tears from staff. Yeah I'm a bit of a sook. Then I got home at 11pm and...............flaked into bed. Just about time for me to move in with the residents I think. :D
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I invited a small group of very good friends over to my house.  We drank, ate, talked and took turns choosing CDs to listen to.  I'm really lucky as the park at the end of my street has a great view of Sydney Harbour and Sydney puts on two simply incredible fireworks shows every New Years Eve - the 'family firworks' at 9pm and the main show at midnight.  I'm also surrounded by great neighbours.  So, just before 9pm and just before midnight, we filled our glasses, took a short stroll down the street and watched the fireworks surrounded by my fabulous neighbours. 

It was especially great this year as it was the first Sydney NYE fireworks for my girlfriend's 6yo step-daughter and us adults just had to help her call out the colours of all the fire works!!

Hi Hero - just LOVE the sound of the party you went to!  Like you said, any excuse to wear a cape!!
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Carnage Visor

Usually, living in the suburbs, we just watch TV and then go to sleep later than usual.

This time, we went to the direct center of all the action...the big NYC (New York, baby!) and watched the ball drop and the huge riots, along with the plethora of drunken teenagers that made me incredibly uncomfortable (on one hand, I was envious of the many hot ladies and their lucky boyfriends who would soon get to get full advantage of their drunken horniness...on the other, I was disgusted by them and just HOW DRUNK they were!)

We had a private party at actor Richard Thomas's house (from TV's "The Waltons", currently on Broadway with my father, and also starred in the movie "IT") and we had a great time with he and his incredibly nice family.

We got to sleep at 3:00 the next morning, and woke up at 11:00 (daytime) that same day. It was by far the best New Years, and we were finally experiencing all the hubbub in first person, rather than seeing it on TV back in our old neighborhood.

Hope everyone has a great new year!!!


I work in the wholesale jewelry industry, so after 15 years of working horribly long hours for three months leading up to Christmas Eve, I learned that my health was at stake if I didn't learn to slow down while my company was closed Christmas to New Years. It is like my week to unwind and relax. I don't plan parties, I don't make break-neck travel plans, I take the week to completely unwind and visiting family and planning trips is a summer thing for me. Because I'm more pleasant with proper sleep and not so many hours working, family doesn't mind.  ;)
I'll stay up til midnight and all that, but I see the New Year in on my couch where I can swiftly drift off!  :-D