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Legal FLAC Download Sites

Started by bluewater, January 24, 2008, 19:38:35

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Checked all the sites mentioned. I liked www.musicishere.com. I bought both in FLAC and in WAV, noticed the possibility to pay by PayPal too. I made a mistake while downloading, emailed support, they provided me the link to download once more and replied very quickly. Great suprise. A little bit awkward design but the servise is very good.


You can download FLAC music at http://www.rhino.com. They have around 20 cure titles.

For those that are interested I have made a list of legitimate sites for downloading FLAC music at http://flacatac.com/music. Many of the sites offer free downloads and some have pretty big collections. Unfortunately one of the most promising (qobuz) is french.