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1990.08.03 Praha

Started by j, September 17, 2005, 17:07:47

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Does anyone have this show to either share or trade?


Sorry to get any excitement levels up, but I don't have this show right now. However, I was looking at the info to this:

If I could only get my hands on the DM 0 dictating machine version, I'm sure it would be superb. Those are widely known for the highest in fidelity. :lol:

And besides, it's always great to have anything dicktating related...


That is hilarious!!  As was your commentary, Caley.


did you mean this show? :

but it is in very bad quality...
i never said i would stay to the end


Quote from: monghidid you mean this show? :

but it is in very bad quality...

Yes!!! That is the only 1990 show that I need!!!


i have no problem with trade, just send me pm :)
i never said i would stay to the end


I have both the DVD and the CD of this gig. Please contact me for a trade.


I'm interresting by this one ( 03.08.1990 Praha ) too and by 30.06.1990 Roskilde and if someone have the complete version of 08.07.1990 Werchter

I was the most happy !!!!  :-D

Thanks in advance

lacrima mosa

i have roskilde 1990... want to trade or should i share it or maybe we ask them to play it again?  :-) sorry!

tell me how you want it

same for praha... is on my hd!!
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If you're agree to share it ...!!!  :lol:


anyone that uses soulseek as a P2P service?
i wanna share & trade a lot of stuff 2! ;-)
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