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The Cure phone ban in concerts?

Started by dsanchez, September 24, 2018, 09:46:05

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This is following a discussion starting on Twitter. Would you like if the band decides to ban people of taking pictures/videos in concerts? I would be all for it. When I see Orange, Show, etc I miss the adrenaline of those concerts, the people dancing, singing along, a REAL concert atmosphere... now audiences are zombies staring through little screens to see the band (and often, blocking the views behind others), tweeting setlists, taking photos to be shared on Twitter, etc.

and for comparison (it happens also in Cure concerts), check this fantastic show of David Gilmour in Pompei, people everywhere with cameras (check 2:30)

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I'm not a big fan of "bans".
Last time I saw the Cure in 2016, there weren't too many around me who filmed with their phones (I took a few photos with my camera). Apart from that, I was so much focussed on the music anyway, I didn't really care what happened around me. (Thus, unless it's too annoying, other people can do what they want, from my point of view.) Afterwards, I was kinda glad I was able to find some vids from the show. :)

When Dave Gilmour played Stuttgart a couple of years ago, there were only seats! Thus it looked like no "dancing" was wanted anyway... (I wasn't inside, just listening from outside.)
Also, his music is ideal for quiet listening (not really "dance music", eh?), I have no problem with people just standing there and "taking it in". :cool
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Legally speaking, I'm not sure how a ban would work. You would have to relinquish your property and then who becomes responsible for it? Not a lot of venues would want that responsibility.

I see both sides of the argument. You don't want people glued to their phones, something most do everyday, missing real life around them and then again, you want to ensure you have a few treasured memories to look back on, like pictures with your friends, new friends you makes, of you all dancing, like we did at Hyde park.

I think all anyone can ask that if you are going to use your phone, be respectful of others and the artists wishes.

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It's difficult to find an answer because the whole thing has got out of hand a bit.
We are used to watch yt-videos from others, but something must be done during
the event itself. It's the typical concert or cinema situation we all have once experienced:
the view is blocked. Smartphone users should be more aware of that, especially near the stage.
A ban is actually not required.

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Quote from: chemicaloverload on September 24, 2018, 21:17:33

I think all anyone can ask that if you are going to use your phone, be respectful of others and the artists wishes.