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Best of: The Top

Started by robiola, May 23, 2008, 18:28:40

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Which is your favorite song on this album?

Shake Dog Shake
7 (17.9%)
Bird Mad Girl
4 (10.3%)
Waling Wall
1 (2.6%)
Give Me It
1 (2.6%)
Dressing Up
6 (15.4%)
The Caterpillar
4 (10.3%)
Piggy in the Mirror
6 (15.4%)
The Empty World
1 (2.6%)
1 (2.6%)
The Top
8 (20.5%)

Total Members Voted: 38


What's your favorite song from this album?

Well, I started it and I should cast the first vote.... :smth100
It's very hard for me to choose, it depends largely on my mood, because this is such a kaleidoscopic album.
But I guess the one I come back to most often is Dressing Up.
The vocals on that one... Drug induced? Maybe. But -- oooh it gives me chills!

mint car

Shake Dog Shake... I love this drums beginning and then Robert's "ha ha ha haaaa"  :rocker
...sleep sweet child the moon will change your mind...


As much as I love Shake Dog Shake, I gotta vote for Bananafishbones! One of the most underrated Cure songs, Its so fun and twisted


Quote from: KingOfSomeIsland on May 24, 2008, 07:02:49
As much as I love Shake Dog Shake, I gotta vote for Bananafishbones! One of the most underrated Cure songs, Its so fun and twisted

I agree, a lot of people don't like Bananafishbones, but I love it. It's a riot, and such fun to sing. So many of my favorite songs come from this album, and that's one of them!



Best song here for me is "The Top". One of their great closers and one of the most underrated songs in their catalogue. I mean, when was the last time that they played it live? And it is such a deep and mesmerising song! Its unrelenting slow bass and drum basis is somewhat akin to "Faith" (the song), and yet the overall vibe of "The Top" is different, it conveys more of a tense and confused feeling and an ominous atmosphere than a feeling of downright sadness. I also think that Robert's pleas "Please come back... like all the other ones do" and then "Please come back... all of you" are particularly intense and convincing. I wonder what was that all about?

Honorable mentions should go to:

- "Shake Dog Shake" (one of their great openers and a great rock song overall);

- "The Catterpillar" (I think this is one of their 5 best pop songs, very probably - the others being "Boys Don´t Cry", "The Lovecats", "Close to Me" and "Just Like Heaven").


Datemi un cielo per caderci dentro!
LADY, la luce nel mio buio!


Quote from: Hero on May 24, 2008, 23:14:53
Give Me It!!!  :rocker

Definitely. :smth023
Especially live!

The Top is one of my absolute favorites... it really does depend on your mood though, it's very kaleidoscopic like you said. I love Dressing Up and Piggy in the Mirror.


1 Dressing up (the 90 live version was very cool)
2 Caterpillar girl (good pop song)

The Figurehead

Dressing Up! (live version)

in bed amongst the stones

The Caterpillar, followed by Wailing Wall, Dressing Up, Piggy in the Mirror, The Top. I love this album! So underrated.
Pushing her white face into the mirror...



I love the title track, it's very nostalgic. I'm actually surprised other people like it that much, too


01 Piggy In The Mirror (funny drunk song with absolutely great music)
02 Wailing Wall (heartbreaking slow chant, dragging on the Promise Land)
03 The Empty World (a cheerful-sad march about Simon and Charlotte Sometimes. Very-very underrated. I want to hear it in concert!)


This album is so powerful and unique. It was hard to make a decision:
01 The Top
02 The Wailing Wall
03 Piggy in the Mirror
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