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Am I the ONLY person in the world that thinks KissMe x3 is the best Cure album?

Started by isamu, December 14, 2008, 11:32:47

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Quote from: tanyasmith on April 18, 2017, 02:01:39
I love How Beautiful You Are, A Thousand Hours, Catch, The Perfect Girl...Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me ties for my favorite Cure album with Wish and Disintegration. I REALLY love Out of This World. I saw them perform it live on tour this last round and was struck by it. I don't know if that song has gotten the credit it deserves. It sounds like Nick Drake meets Pink Floyd. INCREDIBLE! See The Cure performing that song at the Wembley from this last December at my youtube channel, Tanya's Ethereal Footsteps. Here's a video of snippets of Robert speaking and some of the best moments captured from 9 shows last year:

Tanya !? I love the videos you posted, I'm a fan of the close-up on "Plainsong" and also "Just Like Heaven" ... So, pleased to meet you  :smth023


hi! New here.
Yes it is my favourite official album, it has a lot of different songs with different moods, i think of it as the most complete, others are great too, but maybe are more 'focused', but Kissme has a bit of everything. And,  How beautiful you are, like cockatoos and Just like heaven are my favorite songs from that album.
The only other one that could rival it, despite not being a proper album, would be Join the Dots. I adore that one.


Welcome @tanya!

Quote from: BiscuityBoyle on April 17, 2017, 06:27:20
If you don't like Snakepit... Take a few careful listens. It's a very innovative update of psychedelic rock and just an incredible piece of music, incredibly focused behind the haze. The drum pattern, the guitars

I've liked "The Snakepit" as well, especially after hearing it during the Dream tour.
I hope you included the bass guitar when you said "guitars", I like what Simon does on this one.  :)
If only I'd thought of the right words...



Articles celebrating the anniversary of KM KM KM (released 30 years ago):

Quote...when I heard it in 1987, 'Just Like Heaven' seemed to come almost out of nowhere. It was a strange, silvery, unusual song, with an unusual but absolutely compelling singer.

Read much more at:

Gwen Ihnat: The Cure didn't exactly make a U-turn in 1987 with Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, but it was a hell of a reroute. The iconically mopey band, led by head goth/grump Robert Smith, all of a sudden had a cheerful horn section in "Why Can't I Be You?" that threaded throughout the double album. And while its poppiness--and the smash success of "Just Like Heaven"--helped Kiss Me become The Cure's first Top 40 record in the U.S., it also became the first Cure record I never bought.

Read more:

If only I'd thought of the right words...


In my opinion yes its better than Disintegration, but not there best album for me.


I think most of their albums have been my favorite at one time or another. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me is my second favorite after Wish, then Disintegration at #3.


For me it's the best too.
Lots of songs, different moods, style, very rich.
Disintegration is probably more consistent, but for me Kiss me is their best one


Quote from: isamu on December 14, 2008, 11:32:47
I am wondering if anyone here considers Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me to be head and shoulders better and above the rest of the albums, and is their favorite Cure record of all time?

Apparently Robert Smith agrees with you ;)
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It's my favourite album too, it has a bit of everything, plus it has Robert's lips in it :)


Quote from: dsanchez on January 26, 2019, 19:05:06

Apparently Robert Smith agrees with you ;)

Awwww, love the interview. KMKMKM is really beautiful. I can see how he associates it with a perfect time. The music and music video of Catch captures that exquisite time. It's been a huge inspiration in my life. I think it might have been the first time I ever knew the sea could be so beautiful.