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40 years since the 1st concert

Started by Ulrich, December 20, 2016, 16:34:27

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From Lol on Facebook:

"This week sees the 40th anniversary of the the band of musicians/ friends that became the Cure! I'll take the liberty here of quoting from my own book !

"Personally, I consider the first gig we did as the band that became The Cure to be the one that we did on December 20, 1976, the Malice gig at our old secondary school, St. Wilfrid's. True, we had done a gig of sorts a couple of days earlier in the minstrels' gallery at Worth Abbey for Upjohn's Christmas party, and a rather strange "performance" in 1973 as The Obelisk, but this was our first full-blown concert."

Actually since I wrote the above I've changed my mind a little bit. To me it is unimportant which date you consider, the 18th or the 20th, as the start of the band that became The Cure .

What I do think IS important , is the fact that The Cure is STILL a band, and that Robert, Pearl and Michael are STILL in my life forty years later!

It's the testimony of time to real friendship that I care about. I feel blessed. Lx"

If only I'd thought of the right words...


Interesting that Lol doesn't mention Simon. I wonder if there is still some bad blood there.



That's because Simon was NOT in the line-up of "Malice" (all of the above-mentioned were - yes, Porl was the guitarist before they became a 3-piece)!

If you haven't read Lol's book, I strongly recommend doing so. Simon is mentioned there very often, for example at the "Reflections" show, Lol affectionately writes how nice it is to stand on stage staring at Simon's a*se!  :lol:

On a more serious level, here is a quote from the book (page 329 and 331):
Quote...my bandmates Robert and Simon, two men I had known since childhood...

...as I greeted them a kindly but concerned look crossed Simon's face, and I knew he understood.
'All right, Lol? You're up next!'
Simon had had his own emotional upheavals with the band, so it shouldn't have come as a suprise that he would be so perceptive, like a brother would be.
If only I'd thought of the right words...


That is so sweet! I have the book on my Amazon wish list.



Quote from: Liza80 on December 22, 2016, 13:57:18
I have the book on my Amazon wish list.

Good! From what I gathered, Lol is "at peace" with everyone from the Cure camp. To me it sounded like he's especially to close to Robert & Simon, but also to the ex-members Michael and Pearl.
If only I'd thought of the right words...