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My first concert recordings.. please help :)

Started by avrilfan, June 23, 2008, 21:40:15

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Hey guys. I just got all my equipment together and heres what I bought:
200USD Zoom H2 Handy Recorder
230USD CA-9100 Preamp
120USD CA-11 Cards
+ some cables batteries etc...

Now I would like to ask where to stand when I record? I already did some recordings and they were the best when I was standing right infront of the speakers(stack). But I did this with Zoom H2 internals, not external components. I have left myself little longer hair just for this opportunity, so I can mount my mics on my glasses and put hair over them to hide them. Thats good idea, right? Im going to attend my shows where I actually have chance to be in first row and my friends left and right to me and maybe also behind, so none of the most nearby people will scream.
Please give me any good advice I could also use. Will be very grateful and will come check this forum back from time to time.



there are several threads for taping tips on this technical section, maybe some of those could be of help?
how to choose the best spot: depends of your equipment but also depends on the venue and it's particular acoustics. also depends on the mix.

anyway, you do mention externals/how to moutn the mics and also having a pre-amp, but what kind of mics are you using?
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