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Started by KingOfSomeIsland, June 27, 2008, 01:38:44

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What are the top three cure tours?

Early Tours '77/'78
0 (0%)
TIB/Join Hands Tour '79
0 (0%)
Seventeen Second Tour '80
0 (0%)
Picture Tour '81
1 (5.3%)
14 Explicit Moments/Pornography Tour '82
3 (15.8%)
Top Tour '84
2 (10.5%)
Head Tour '85
2 (10.5%)
Beach Party Tour '86
2 (10.5%)
Honeymoon/Kissing Tour '87
0 (0%)
Prayer Tour '89
9 (47.4%)
Pleasure Trip Festivals '90
2 (10.5%)
Wish Tour '92
6 (31.6%)
Team Cure Festival Tour '95
0 (0%)
Swing Tour '96
3 (15.8%)
Galore Festivals Tour '97/'98
0 (0%)
Dream Tour '00
2 (10.5%)
Summe Festivals/Trilogy Tour '02
1 (5.3%)
Curiosa Tour '04
0 (0%)
Festival 2005 Tour '05
1 (5.3%)
4tour '07/'08
3 (15.8%)

Total Members Voted: 19


Well theyve been around for 30 years now and have been around the world many a time. Weve heard the recordings, be they official, bootleg, audience, soundboard, FM, pre-FM, etc... and seen the videos and maybe even been lucky enough to go to the shows. What do you think were the Cures best tours over the years. I think its a little tough to pick just one out of 20 so you can choose three. My three would have to be:

1. Prayer Tour (The best lineup and the best album)
2. Dream Tour (just some amazing sets and a great lineup)
3. Beach Party Tour (Two words... In Orange)


This is kind of a problematic poll, really. In order to choose well one would have to have attended at least a couple of concerts from each tour... Or have listened to a few recordings from each of those tours. Maybe there are some people here who are lucky enough to satisfy any of these conditions, I'm not one of them, though.

Anyway, the only proper CURE tour that I have ever attended was the Prayer Tour (other times have been festivals and the like). And it was only one show. Very good lighting, most of the songs were great, the band played with feeling and all, but it was not perfect. There were actually parts of the shoe that got me bored - notably the pop encore with an extended version of "Why Can't I Be You"...

Otherwise, if I remember well, I have listened to complete recordings of concerts from the following tours: Seventeen Seconds, Faith, Pornography, Head on the Door, Standing on a Beach, KMKMKM...
As a whole, the recordings that impressed me the most were from the Faith and Pornography tours. Those setlists could hardly be surpassed and the band had all the feeling to play them then...


1. Prayer Tour (The Cure at its musical peak)
2. Wish Tour (Best The Cure live sound ever)
3. Beach Party Tour (Great sound, setlist and the band's classic line-up)

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