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Turntables with USB audio interface?

Started by japanesebaby, July 22, 2008, 15:23:58

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...only it looks like this amp just doesn't work with my technics or something: i'm getting constant buzzing interference sound which i cannot eliminate. i've tried switching all cables (twice), tried it with two different amps too - always the same. 
i just don't understand the reason behind that problem, an amp this pricey should really work with any quality turntable, otherwise it makes absolutely no sense. but i've tried everything to eliminate the problem and nothing works.  

looks like i need to send the unit back and just hope that i'll get a refund (otherwise it's a bit of disaster indeed).
too bad because otherwise the sound was really really good.
really disappointed now. :( :( :(

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I've just bought a cheap USB-enabled deck - a SoundLAB GO56C for £80 - and can't believe the difference between the FLACs I've ripped from it compared the ones I've ripped from CDs.

I've always known that CDs are lossy and remember moaning about it when they were first around, but I guess I just forgot the difference!

So... having FLACd my entire CD collection, I'm now effectively starting again and going through some 100 or so records to replace them... a pain in the ass but worth it. Pity some tracks aren't recoverable becuase of scrathes.

I know what'll happen next; I'll decide I need a better deck and a phono stage for my amp, and have to the lot again!


I have been very happy with the Project essential USB turntablehttp://www.hifigear.co.uk/project-essential-usb-turntable.html I got for Christmas. :smth023


Quote from: lostflower4 on July 22, 2008, 16:16:13
I don't think I have a vinyl collection that warrants purchasing a turntable, but I've always had the idea in the back of my mind just in case I ever need one.

Me too.I used a solid record player from Sherwood with belt drive for a couple of years.
I discharged him because I was unable to adjust the correct speed even with pitch control.
Now I'm looking for a model with direct drive,but I won't spend a fortune.I'm not under pressure.
Time and the web will tell... ;)
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