Author Topic: Jeff Buckley - Live Compilations Vol. 1-6 (on TTD)  (Read 815 times)

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Jeff Buckley - Live Compilations Vol. 1-6 (on TTD)
« on: August 07, 2008, 21:17:44 »
i've been truly blind because i haven't noticed this until now. :eek:
in case i haven't been the only one & for anyone into jeff buckley, this is surely something:

JEFF BUCKLEY 1995-1996 LIVE vol.1


JEFF BUCKLEY 1995-1997 LIVE vol. 3 (FLAC)

JEFF BUCKLEY xxxx-xx-xx 1990-1994 LIVE vol.4

JEFF BUCKLEY xxxx-xx-xx 1994 'Peyote Radio Theatre' North American & European Tour LIVE vol.5

JEFF BUCKLEY xxxx-xx-xx 1994 Fall US & Canadian Tour LIVE vol.6

now, that's a LOT of shows :shock:

many thanks to Buda for seeding these compilations.
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