Am I the ONLY person in the world that thinks KissMe x3 is the best Cure album?

Started by isamu, December 14, 2008, 11:32:47

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Hi. I am aware that most people hold Disintegration as their favorite Cure album of all time. But I am wondering if anyone here considers Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me to be head and shoulders better and above the rest of the albums, and is their favorite Cure record of all time?

At first I considered the possibility of me being biased due to KMx3 being the first Cure album I ever listened to(way back in 1987)....but I'm starting to think that maybe it's just because the songs are so damn good. Songs like One More Time, Like Cockateaus, Icing Suger, hell EVERY song on the album is a classic!

I honestly can say with 100% certainty that I will consider KMx3 my favorite album of all time, even 50 years from now(I'm 35). It's an album I'll be able to turn on and say "Yup, it still sounds just as fresh and innovative today as it did in 1987".

Disintegration is a great album don't get me wrong, but KissMe x3 has a unique style to it that I honestly feel is not present on any other Cure record.

Anyone else feel the same way?


It's my personal favorite album of theirs, but I'm not sure if, objectively, it's their best album.  It's definitely up there though.  So you're only half-alone...


I think it is one of their best albums, my personal number three, unfortunately
falling behind since the continuous development of the Trilogy concept. It has practically
no weak songs and I hope that some of the album tracks and B-Sides will appear on future
live setlist. Would be great... :smth023
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It arguably contains the most good songs of any Cure album, though it has its share of fillers as well (Shiver and Shake, Fight, Torture, All I Want are not very good songs, Hey You might work as a cute b-side but no more than that).

The best cuts (Snakepit, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, Just Like Heaven, Like Cockatoos) are just astonishing (ok, The Kiss, Catch, How Beautiful You Are are pretty perfect too. Icing Sugar - so good!).

A Thousand Hours is always going to have a special place in the heart of lost and lonely me circa 19 years of age... And it's still a good song today.

In short it is their best, though The Top will always be my favorite.


you don't like All I Want or Shiver and Shake? Those songs are great! To each their own I suppose.


I thought that until Disintegration. It's #2 for me. If you add the b-sides and take off some songs, it gets better, though not as interesting.


How do you reply to specific users as opposed to the OP repeatedly? Can't figure it.

But I agree totally with Torture, All I Want, Shiver and Shake and Fight being among the weaker songs on KMKMKM (though I'd add Snakepit as maybe the worst). I feel if you swap those out for the b-sides, you have an amazing collection of songs, but perhaps not as interesting a record.


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How do you reply to specific users as opposed to the OP repeatedly? Can't figure it.

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How do you reply to specific users as opposed to the OP repeatedly? Can't figure it.

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I love KM3x. It's my favorite Cure album, followed by 17 Seconds then Pornography. I love the songs some of you think are "weak" and was thrilled to hear "The Snakepit" live for the first time when the band played here in New York in June.

Why is KM3x my favorite? I like the range of the album -- from the darkness of "The Kiss" to the goofiness of "Why Can't I Be You?" The songs are really tight and sound great live.


Well, apparently Roger have this album in high regard. From his biography:

QuoteThe Cure's label sent me a cassette of the new album KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME and I was at home for a weekend, I put the tape on and within about thirty seconds the choice was made for me, I had to be in this band. Plus the chance to play with Boris again! The music was incredible, like nothing I had heard before, they just didn't care, they were making this amazing beautiful powerful innovative music... So I said YES!
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I love Disintegration quite a lot. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me I love for different reasons, but it's definitely one of my favorites. Top Five for sure.


If you don't like Snakepit... Take a few careful listens. It's a very innovative update of psychedelic rock and just an incredible piece of music, incredibly focused behind the haze. The drum pattern, the guitars - it all starts coming together once you delve into it. One of their greatest.


I love How Beautiful You Are, A Thousand Hours, Catch, The Perfect Girl...Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me ties for my favorite Cure album with Wish and Disintegration. I REALLY love Out of This World. I saw them perform it live on tour this last round and was struck by it. I don't know if that song has gotten the credit it deserves. It sounds like Nick Drake meets Pink Floyd. INCREDIBLE! See The Cure performing that song at the Wembley from this last December at my youtube channel, Tanya's Ethereal Footsteps. Here's a video of snippets of Robert speaking and some of the best moments captured from 9 shows last year:

And here's one of my favorite pictures I got of Robert. I hope The Cure tours again in 2020. That year is "the future!"