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Started by japanesebaby, July 02, 2007, 15:04:25

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I think that "Faith" is the ultimate song about despair. And the line "I went away alone, with nothing left but faith", in my opinion, is the most depressing words that Robert (or anyone else) ever wrote/sang.
Especially because when he say those words, he's in the strangest state of mind. A complete mess! He's so desperate that he ends up depending on something he doesn't believe! Most ironic too!

But "Faith" has much more meanings and "explanations" than this one.
I always think that any Cure song has 2 different points of view: Robert's view (why he wrote something, what does he mean etc) and the listener's view (we understand any song depending on our own experiences, we feel that some songs "talk" about something we did, felt etc)

Robert's view of "Faith" as he said: He wrote "Faith" because he admired people who believed in God, even if they depended on their faith and nothing more, nothing concrete. He couldn't do/understand that and he was sad about it. So "Faith" it's a kind of protest for the luck of Faith!!
He's also said that he wrote "Faith" after the death of some people that he loved and he was pissed off, because there was nothing he could do about it. So it is another kind of protest too. For the weakness of the human existence. For the fact that we can't deal with life/death depending on our own power.

But there are much more to say about the meaning of the song.

In my opinion, it has nothing to do with God, and in the same time it's all about God.
The most admirable thing about "Faith" lyrics is that, even if you believe in God or not, you can find there the questionings you have!

But I don't even think that it's only about faith.
I think it's about life and its futility. About us, wasting time in insignificant things until we reach the point that they mean nothing to us and we suddenly realize that nothing has a point anymore. So we try to find the answers or to just go away... Anywhere but where we've been before!

I went away alone with nothing left but faith


If one loves something he has also faith that the love will last forever
or at least until the day he dies. But can there be faith without love? I don't
think there can be. And that's the reason why people want to die if they
love strong and the love dies. I think faith and love are connected also
in the lyrics. There's contradiction only if there's love but not faith, or
if there's faith but not love.

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No offense intended...

BUT doesn't anyone just listen to the music anymore? It's a kickass album! :rocker


Quote from: Carnage Visor on August 02, 2007, 22:02:45
No offense intended...

BUT doesn't anyone just listen to the music anymore? It's a kickass album! :rocker

yep. and  that's exactly what inspires topics like this, even though it might not be self-evident at first.
because if you mean that lyrics alone aren't that interesting and that it's music that matters most, then i'm the first one to agree with you there. no pulitzer price winning lyrics can rescue shit musical output. but yet i would also ask that isn't it even twice as good if there's good music with profound aspects woven into its lyrics too? but at least and in my opinion that's one of the areas where i think the cure really excels. you can care about it if you choose to or you can choose not to.
at least i can't see how discussions like this would diminish the kickass-ness of that album.
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Now that I think of it, what I said earlier was quite crass and I wasn't really thinking. I do care about the lyrics...but I do not like controversy about religion (I'm not religious in the normal sense)


Pretty old but interesting thread here...

Anyway, I just would like to add two thoughts to what has already been said:

"your voice is dead
and old
and always empty
trust in me through closing years"

This seems to me to be about the first instance of Robert showing his worries about ageing and the effect it has on feelings and relationships... Pretty strong for someone who was so young at the time.

"justified with empty words"

This seems to be a direct criticism of religion, since one of the meanings of the word 'justify' is 'to free (a human) of the guilt and penalty attached to grievous sin. Used of God.' (


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Quote from: Ulrich on March 21, 2014, 11:41:28
I love this:


Haha, that's a funny one, yes. Posted originally on Andy Anderson's site and then on CoF. But if you follow the link on CoF that says 'Brevity comic strip', you reach the same image but only with George Michael mentioned instead of the Cure.  :smth017


Quote from: PAOKCURE on July 18, 2007, 10:35:05
"Faith" has much more meanings and "explanations" than this one.

Absolutely because he selected faith for the track and not trust, sincerity or loyalty
and that's why I think Robert meant faith (in god) although he is not a "believer", is he?

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What is the best live version of Faith ever?


Quote from: Brisk on December 24, 2014, 22:18:57
What is the best live version of Faith ever?

The Tienamen Square version.....
i know they didn't play it there, but it happened on the same day. They played it in Rome I think. in 89