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Re: Mogwai tour 2009.
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2009, 18:38:15 »
They're not as loud as they used to be. Which is fine. The loudest parts are loud enough. In the past, the sound volume was really an issue for them. They even got into a fight with a sound guy (interrupting a song) a few years ago. :lol: I also remember covering my ears when I saw them in 2006 on We're No Here. Unbearable.

when i saw (partially) them that was also in 2006 and i don't remember them being painfully loud - then again i didn't get to hear the whole concert so my memory is based on the beginning of the show. but i think i would remember (if they were that loud) because i have very sensitive ears and i always wear ear-plugs in every concert i go to anyway. i honestly cannot understand how most people can go to any sort of rock concert without ear-plugs. i'd never want to put the well-being of my hearing at such dire risk. i know the consequences of it too well myself by experience and i guess my hearing is very precious to me these days.

anyway, glad you finally got to see them caley.  :smth023
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