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wrong number

Started by Giuseppe Eisonhawk, January 09, 2009, 19:38:05

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Giuseppe Eisonhawk

2 more versions appeared on promotional releases,
the "radio edit" (4:24)
the "engaged mix" (6:32)
why can't there be
dub digital excahnge mix
dub digital excahnge mix
dud digital engaged mix

What if Porl redid those imaginary version with his sounds?
may it be me or it maybe you


I have all versions of Wrong Number, but i don't know what's going on with the 'Radio Edit' one.
I have three cool versions,
Wrong Number (16b Varm Vocal (Crossed Line) Mix)
Wrong Number (Instrumental Demo 1997) (Originally it's called 'A Thought")
Wrong Number (Analogue Exchange Mix) (Officially called 'Lime Green", has some another words in it)
Wrong Number (Radio Mix)

These are super cool, if You want it, i'll find a way to share it.

Lime Green Lime Green and Tangerine


Nvmind i got the radio edit

And it's not radio edit, it's radio mix
Lime Green Lime Green and Tangerine