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SPIRITUALIZED 2009.08.07 Myslowice - Slupna Park 'OFF Festival' (Poland)

Started by dsanchez, September 03, 2009, 18:15:44

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Incredible perfomance. There's a sample of "Take me to the other side" in dimeadozen.



2009.08.07 Myslowice - Slupna Park 'OFF Festival' (Poland)

Equipment: iRiver iHP-120 + MM-MCSM-8 Microphones
Lineage: MASTER > Goldwave > FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 (Level 8) > You

Taped by dsanchez



00 [Intro]
01 Amazing Grace
02 You lie you cheat
03 Shine a light
04 Cheapster
05 Soul on fire
06 Walking with Jesus
07 Rated X
08 I think I'm in love
09 Good Dope Good Fun
10 Take Good Care of it
11 Come together
12 Take me to the other side

//Note from the taper

Dear downloader,

Thank you for downloading my recording

This recording was uploaded for the first time in the torrent site http://www.dimeadozen.org, a great site for sharing lossless ROIOs.

In order to preserve this document as it was recorded originally, please try to avoid conversion to other formats as .mp3 or similar lossy formats. See why mp3 is not good here here:


Instead, if you wish to redistribute this recording, I would encourage you to do it "as it is" (in FLAC format). This way everyone will be able to have access to the original recording. Together with this recording I have included some other files. Don't forget to include them if you redistribute it.

Thanks :)


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