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Started by admin, September 06, 2009, 12:56:41

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September 06, 2009, 12:56:41 Last Edit: April 19, 2020, 23:33:25 by dsanchez
Dear members, is now accepting donations from members to help support the site.

Since its inception in 2005, has been entirely self-supporting, and this is partly due to the overly aggressive nature that another related site has used to seek funding. We did not want to be associated with these practices, but as our costs for hosting and providing additional services continue to rise (€216/year as of 2019), we decided that it would be OK to ask for contributions so long as it is done in an appropriate manner. Up until 2010 the costs associated with were supported only by the forum's two administrators. Nowadays the costs are covered only by one person.

Please note that donations are not required to be a member, but for those who can help it will be extremely appreciated. This will also help to improve the site in the future. Members who contribute will earn automatically the honorary title of Curefan Elite Member.

This year, please consider making a donation of €5, €20, €50 or whatever you can to sustain this site. You may donate in the following way:


Bank Transfer to the account below (the bank is located in the EU)
IBAN: SK8183605207004202771354


Bitcoin is a secure and anonymous digital currency. Bitcoins cannot be easily tracked back to you, and are safer and faster alternative to other donation methods. You can send $BTC to the following address: 3GPyNUh9C1dnVajVHKdPysUhKuBnnd82gZ

You can learn more about Bitcoin on

You can also send $ETH (Ether) to: 0xF960828b9313984D085c376aCd7DB8E5DF447914

If you would like to use another payment method, please contact us to

Thank you!

The Curefans Staff


To those reading this, please consider making a donation to maintain the site in the upcoming year. Thank you! :)


OMG, I've gone all green like Kermit and stopped being cool!   :1f631:

I'm afraid the exchange rate was bad... but anyway, we hope that helps, and thanks for running this place.  :cool
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