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MASSIVE ATTACK 2009.11.22 Lisboa - Campo Pequeno (Portugal)

Started by dsanchez, November 23, 2009, 19:14:17

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My recording from yesterday, Enjoy!


Lisboa - Campo Pequeno (Portugal)

Equipment: iRiver iHP-120 + MM-MCSM-8 Microphones
Lineage: MASTER > Goldwave > FLAC - Command-line FLAC encoder/decoder version 1.2.1 (Best) > You

Taped by dsanchez


Robert Del Naja (3D) - Vocals
Grantley Marshall (Daddy G) - Vocals
Martina Topley Bird - Vocals (Babel, Red Light, Teardrop, Psyche), Keyboards
Horace Andy - Vocals (16 Seeter, Angel, Splitting The Atom)
Deborah Miller - Vocals (Safe From Harm / Unfinished Sympathy)
Angelo Bruschini - Guitar
Winston Blisset - Bass
John Baggott - Keyboards
Damon Reece - Drums, Percussion
Julien Brown - Drums, Percussion


00 Intro
01 Bullet proof Love
02 Heart cliff Star
03 Babel
04 16 Seeter
05 Risingson
06 Red Light
07 Future Proof
08 Teardrop
09 Psyche
10 Mezzanine
11 Angel
12 Safe From Harm
13 Inertia Creeps
14 {Audience}

Encore 1

15 Splitting The Atom
16 Unfinished Sympathy
17 Marrakesh

Encore 2

18 Karmacoma

@Notes from the show

Massive Attack got a new fan yesterday :) No kidding, this was definitely one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life! The visuals, the music, plus an incredible venue and a very good acustic made of this an unforgettable concert. Stupid me, I arrived late to the concert and missed aprox. the first five minutes of Martina Topley-Bird show :( which was probably the best support artist I've seen in years. I am looking forward to see her again, soon - I hope! You can download Martina's performance here:


There's no much to say about Massive Attack show, just that they were amazing. Their show blowed me away, the visuals, the messages on the screen, the musicians they have, and what a vocals! All the guest vocalists were really top-notch!

Check some photos of the show at my Picasa gallery


About the recording, I was placed near the soundboard. I think the quality is very good (by the way, I got the info about the line-up from DIME's user jamroom who shared some Massive Attack shows as well)

@Note from the taper

Dear downloader,

Thank you for downloading my recording.

This recording was uploaded for the first time in the torrent site http://www.dimeadozen.org, a great site for sharing loseless ROIOs.

In order to preserve this document as it was recorded/shared originally please try to avoid conversion from FLAC to other formats as MP3 or similar lossy formats. See the benefits of the FLAC format:


Feel free to to redistribute this recording keeping all the files (info, md5, etc.) that comes with it, this way everyone will be able to have access to the original source, just as you did.



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Quote from: Druide on November 24, 2009, 12:36:12
MM-MCSM-8 Microphones

yes, thank you very much for the recommendation mon ami, these mics work great! :rocker
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