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Cure Website?

Started by skellington, February 21, 2010, 20:42:23

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I was wondering what happend to the website that was featured on the back fo the Best Cure Videos DVD? (2001)I tried looking it up but it went to this other website not related to the Cure at all. Did they get rid of it? What was on it before? :smth100
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Does anyone know? And also where can I find the official music video for "Catch" the one on Youtube has no sound :(
Its Just Like a Dream...:)


Well, curehitsus had a link with Greatest Hits rarities that i managed to get.
Reply if You want some of them:
The Cure   Boys Don't Cry (Demo Chestnut Studio, Surrey 27th May 78)   2:42
2   -The Cure   A Forest (Instrumental Rehearsal Session)   6:04
3   -Robert Smith   Temptation (Original Instrumental Demo)   3:56
4   -The Cure   Let's Go To Bed (12" 'Duke' Remix)   6:07
5   -The Cure   The Lovecats ('TC & Benny' 12" Remix)   4:36
6   -The Cure   The Caterpillar (Live In U.K. 1984)   4:08
7   -The Cure   B2 - Are You Taping? (Original Group Demo)   2:45
8   -The Cure   A2 - Chirpy Dmc (Original Group Demo)   4:07
9   -The Cure   Stolen Robin #1 (Original Instrumental Group Demo)   2:16
10   -Robert Smith   Shivers (Instrumental Home Demo)   2:22
11   -Robert Smith   Rs3 Arched (Instrumental Home Demo)   2:18
12   -The Cure   S2 (Original Instrumental Group Demo)   3:39
13   -Robert Smith   Xp (Instrumental Home Demo)   4:45
14   -Simon Gallup   Anniversary (Instrumental Home Demo)   5:19
15   -The Cure   Friday I'm In Love (Live At Kilburn National. May 1992)   3:25
16   -Simon Gallup   Mint Car (Instrumental Home Demo)   3:29
17   -Robert Smith   A Thought (Instrumental Home Demo)   5:17
18   -The Cure   Wrong Number (16b (Crossed Line) 'Warm Vocal' Remix)   5:28
19   -Robert Smith   B46 V.3 (Instrumental Home Demo)   4:38
20   -The Cure   Just Say Yes (Early Version)   4:34
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The official website is so bad btw. I'm old enough to remember the Bloodflowers-era website that had personal pages for each member, and Robert's page had long lists of favorites and his thoughts about football and loads more. Now it's just "buy this, order that" (not that anyone should expect anything else from a brand with a global following that's managed by professional marketing and pr people)...