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Roger's comment on the Disintegration Deluxe and the website

Started by dsanchez, May 14, 2010, 19:15:44

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QuoteAs some of you may know Disintegration The Cures finest moment is re released this month. Im very proud to have a played a part in this album and Im actually getting excited for the release. Robert has put up a Disintegration website and on it you can hear some alternative rarities and out takes. I just listened to them and it really is a rare insight into how an album comes together and the songs that dont make it (usually mine hahah)


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Here's a few more comments by Roger (copied over from COF):
QuoteIn answer to the question about who's talking at the beginning of the "Out of Mind" studio jam, Roger has sent this in: "The question re the talking at the start of Out of Mind , its Boris... He was always the biggest joker in the band and when I heard him say that I laughed out loud. This is such an amazing collection of memories... and a few I had no recollections of at all including one I wrote! Just wrote to Robert to tell him how amazing it is... I am truly excited for the re release. The live stuff from Dallas is amazing. Same Deep Water is truly a classic epic song.... Im getting a little weepy over here! Roger" (Thanks Roger)

Some more comments from Roger on Twitter:
"The live version of Same Deep Water from Dallas in 1989 is incredible, what a song, truly a classic dare I say it Goth classic?"
"Contrary to popular belief some of which I have helped to propagate I am very proud of my time,most of it,with The Cure"
"apparently Tuned Out on RTV5 was one of my demos and the Funk one was Paul and Boris but dont quote me hahah as if ? I had no idea of either"

"I just have to say The Cure in 1989.. A massive massive band at the height of its creative and performing powers, incredible.. Im very proud"
Can't you see I try? Swimming the same deep water as you is hard...