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2008.02.11 Oslo
« on: May 17, 2010, 01:49:58 »

This is a fixed version of torrent 303688, where track 8 "pictures of you" was corrupted. For those who downloaded that one, just point the download of this torrent to the same directory, the files will be re-checked, and the fixed track will be overwritten with "good" data.

Thought I'd re-upload some of my old recordings, while still working on editing "new" stuff (uncirculated, that is). Starting wtih this one from The Cure. Nothing changed since the original upload. Original (and present) info file below.

The Cure
Live at Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
February 11, 2008
Recorded by Bull

Equipment: Core Sound LC binaural mics > iRiver H320 (Rockbox patched) 44.1kHz/16bit wav. Good sound quality. Taped from the middle of the floor, so there's a little audience noise from time to time.

Editing: Original wav > volume raised 3.4dB in Audacity > tracks split with CDWave > FLAC level 6. No fade-ins or fade-outs. The show is complete.

This was an evening of old hits and memories of younger days, but still quite magic. I was never a big Cure fan, but I do have some of their albums lying around. I joined a few friends who had a spare ticket, and got an enjoyable evening. Setlist below is taken from There was a support band as well, 65 days of static, but they weren't much of interest. I recorded one or two of their tunes, but I'm not planning to spread it unless there's a demand for it.

Band line-up: Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Jason Cooper, Porl Thompson.

01 plainsong
02 fascination street
03 alt. end
04 the walk
05 the end of the world
06 lovesong
07 a letter to elise
08 pictures of you
09 lullaby
10 from the edge of the deep green sea
11 please project
12 push
13 friday i'm in love
14 in between days
15 just like heaven
16 a boy i never knew
17 shake dog shake
18 never enough
19 wrong number
20 one hundred years
21 disintegration

Encore 1:
22 at night
23 m
24 play for today
25 a forest

Encore 2:
26 let's go to bed
27 freak show
28 close to me
29 why can't i be you?

Encore 3:
30 three imaginary boys
31 fire in cairo
32 boys don't cry
33 jumping someone else's train
34 grinding halt
35 10:15 saturday night
36 killing an arab

Please keep this file set as original as possible when distributing. That's the best for the trading pool.

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