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Hello from Germany

Started by crying, September 10, 2010, 11:26:46

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Hi everybody
I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself since I'm new here. I've registered some days ago, but something must have been wrong with my account so today is the first day that I can actually login here. However.
I'm 26, Cure-Fan since the age of 13, mom of two and married. Favourite Album is Disintegration. Seen them live only twice... But I hope they're touring again in the future - if the dark album will (ever) be released?! :-D
I love to meet new people online and talk about stuff.
Well, now. I think I'm gonna check out the topics and subforums now before I start posting here. Thanks for reading,
keep flying,
Robert Smith should not only be recognized as the singer in The Cure.
He should be recognized as a poet, also.

Twitter: @crying_x


Hello Crying and welcome to!

I hope you enjoy the site :)

Recently, there have been many discussions in the Deutsches Forums so I invite you to take a look there

As your favourite album is Disintegration you probably would be interested in the Albums and songs board.

Since you live in Germany, this could be from your interest: The upcoming Levinhurst Tour

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :smth023

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check this awesome song out :

Boys don't cry


Hello crying  :smth006

Welcome to from me too  :smth023  Have a nice stay here :smth023
Vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss x


Datemi un cielo per caderci dentro!
LADY, la luce nel mio buio!


Hello and welcome from me as well!  8)
Can't you see I try? Swimming the same deep water as you is hard...