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Can't register a new account on
Read this.


Started by cult_hero, October 18, 2005, 18:17:43

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a warning: if you receive a mail from "mail(at)" or "service (at)" delete them cos the attachments contain a virus! these mails are NOT sent by me! the content of the mail is something about a new password. that's rubbish!

there is just one valid address: "info(at)" (i deleted mail(at)... and newsletter(at)...!). if you receive a spammail via this address please let me know. but don't send the spam mails to me or anyone else.

i informed my service provider and i hope i can do something against these bastards!!!

thanks for your attention!

Andreas (cult_hero)

p. s. at the moment ceho has the same problem...  :evil:


I just started having the same problem today with the addresses:

If you get emails from any of these addresses, delete them!!!!!  None of them are mine! :evil:


:shock: I can't understand why people do such things!! :evil:

I didn't recieve mails from those senders for the moment, but of course I will let you know, if it will be the case...

I hope you could find those guys!!!  :evil:  

Best regards!
#Cheers - Patrick#