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Who are you? Introduce yourself here!

Started by dsanchez, July 13, 2005, 22:37:25

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Hey everyone! You might remember me from a while back, I left for a very long time!
I decided I needed to sort things out in my life, get out of the negative environment I was in, and start anew.

I've been posting in another forum for NightmareOnElmStreet, but this one moderator has been insulting and ridiculing me to no end (he's the same age as I am, and it baffles me how such a man can be granted the authority of Moderator), so I decided to start posting here again, where you all are very friendly and accepting!

I must be honest, I haven't been very gleeful lately. There's alot of very sad things that have happened this year in my life. I just hope you guys will understand and empathize with me if I ever seem too much of a downer.

Once again, I am very happy to be back, and hope we can all share our love for The Cure once again!  :)


This thread has too many pages so I rather create a sub-board for member introductions. If you're new to Curefans.com go here and create a new topic. Thanks.
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