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Servus TV NMe broadcast

Started by curedtc, February 15, 2011, 00:08:28

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Still desperately wanting this.... People do have it, it is just getting hold of it which is the problem! :P
Im always wanting more...


I really really hope this turns up someday too--I want to see it SO badly, just for the memories of that night! I was so excited when it was broadcast but I didn't get to see it on the web and I keep looking for it to turn up elsewhere--fingers crossed!


I did see it on the web and it had a better sound, and better track list than the original version. I know people have it.
Im always wanting more...


Ive got this Video. If someone is interested in, tell me. We can trade some Tv stuff.
check my Web site http://curetrade.blogspot.com/


Is there any chance that you'd upload just Boys Don't Cry from the broadcast somewhere so it can be seen? I'm DYING to watch just that bit...