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Fender Bass VI for Sale - 1990s Japanese Model, Sunburst

Started by gparks26, August 30, 2011, 18:47:44

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Hello Cure brethren!

I have a 1990s Fender Bass VI for Sale. It is sunburst and made in Japan.

This is not a Jaguar Baritone, it's a real-deal Bass VI. You should hear
"Pictures of You" played on this thing through my Twin slathered in Boss Chorus!

It's in excellent shape, and has only one cosmetic blemish on the bottom edge.
Everything is original. Comes with deluxe black tolex hardshell case, tremolo bar, etc.

I am in the Dallas, Ft Worth TX area. Anyone interested?


I am very interested in the bass vi. Is it still available?  Would you be willing to ship the guitar?  I live near Seattle.