Author Topic: 2011.11.15 London - Royal Albert Hall [rayrad version]  (Read 2356 times)

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2011.11.15 London - Royal Albert Hall [rayrad version]
« on: November 19, 2011, 00:14:47 »


** contrast clause: this is a different recording made from a different location on different equipment to that torrented here: **

first up, A THOUSAND APOLOGIES to everyone who grabbed the previous version of this torrent

i screwed up the sample rate when making the 24 bit to 16 bit conversion - and everything ended up running slow

(huge thanks to xathierx for spotting it and pointing it out - and for being so nice about it!)

that's fixed now - though i realise that that's little compensation to the 100 of you who were in the process of downloading it - some of you at 98%

i'm painfully aware that it was a large download - and that consequently i've done some serious damage to some of your ratios

again, i can only say sorry, sorry, sorry

i think this is a pretty nice recording, and i hope that you're prepared to give it another go

but i certainly can't blame you if you decide not to do it all over again!

below is my original description

for a third time, many many apologies

and i really do hope you enjoy

** original description **

the last time i saw the cure was in this same building

in 1986

and here i am again

only they're playing older songs than they did that time...

getting a ticket for this show was both expensive and difficult

but where else can you get 25 years taken off your life for 125 quid?

also, once i hear the myriad languages being spoken in the halls, i realise that
my outlay was definitely a lot less than most folks here - i think i may be the
only punter who hasn't flown in specially from somewhere in mainland europe

around me in the seats it seems to be predominantly eastern europe

having come all that way, my neighbours are understandably excited

and that excitement leaks onto the recording on occasion

though thankfully only between the songs

and who can blame them?

the band do not disappoint

and neither do the songs

if anything sounding even better than they did 30 years ago

right, says robert smith, just before the final encore, i'm off to take some

and i suddenly realise that that's what all these songs sound like

the excitement of coming up on three imaginary boys

the bewilderment of finding yourself there on seventeen seconds

and the bleakness of the seemingly endless comedown on faith

then talking about it with your friends aftrerwards on the singles in the

am i the only person that hasn't until now realised that let's go to bed is
about tripping?

anyhow - this came out pretty great

but make our own comparison with the earlier recording with the samples below


** comments are always very much appreciated - and take much less time to leave
than it did to tape, prep and up this show... **

The Cure
The Royal Albert Hall
15th November 2011

Lineage: Olympus LS10 Recorder (internal mics) > 24 bit > amadeus pro > 16 bit >
xld > flac
taper: rayrad

1st Set - Three Imaginary Boys

01. intro
02. 10.15 Saturday Night
03. Accuracy
04. Grinding Halt
05. Another Day
06. Object
07. Subway Song
08. Foxy Lady
09. Meathook
10. So What
11. Fire In Cairo
12. It's Not You
13. Three Imaginary Boys
14. The Weedy Burton

2nd Set - Seventeen Seconds

01. A Reflection
02. Play For Today
03. Secrets
04. In Your House
05. Three
06. The Final Sound
07. A Forest
08. M
09. At Night
10. Seventeen Seconds

3rd Set - Faith

01. intro
02. The Holy Hour
03. Primary
04. Other Voices
05. All Cats Are Grey
06. The Funeral Party
07. Doubt
08. The Drowning Man
09. Faith


01. intro
02. World War
03. I'm Cold
04. Plastic Passion
05. Boys Don't Cry
06. Killing An Arab
07. Jumping Someone Else's Train
08. crowd
09. chat
10. Descent
11. Splinter In Her Head
12. Charlotte Sometimes
13. The Hanging Garden
14. crowd
15. chat
16. Let's Go To Bed
17. The Walk
18. The Lovecats

Robert Smith - vocals / guitar
Simon Gallup - bass
Jason Cooper - drums
Roger O'Donnell - keyboards / percussion (sets 2 & 3 & encores only)
Lol Tolhurst - keyboards / percussion (set 3 & encores only)

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