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4:13 Dream

Started by KingOfSomeIsland, October 20, 2008, 19:37:40

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I like the album. I certainly like it better than the previous self-titled one, although that one had a couple of tracks I really like. Kind of hard for me not to like The Cure's material. Even the albums I consider to be my 'least favourite' will have at least one or two songs I like.

Carnage Visor

I think it's their best since Disintegration! It's very different from their earlier style. It has a more alternative rock sound, really crisp and guitar-heavy. It's a nice album, and I thoroughly enjoyed their live performance on TV!


After i heard circa 50 times the new album i finally have an overall feeling, so..

Underneath The Stars (8/10) - a beautiful song, very emotional, very Disintegration feeling and it's not so noisy like the other songs on the album..

The Only One (7/10) - a typical Cure single, poppy but in a good way

The Reasons Why (8.5/10) - i like the bass-line in this track also like the lyrics and how Robert sing it, this is a very good song, but.. on the last three albums i have a feeling: some songs starts brilliant but for the end just everything goes wrong (see The Promise or Watching Me Fall), like they overworked the tracks or something like this.. they put too many things in one song, not like in the good old days.. i think it's just because they working on albums for 2 or 3 years and they want to make perfect songs but sometime the less is more..

Freakshow (6/10) - not the best one.. usually i like the crazy tunes (like Lovecats) but this one just not fit for me

Sirensong (6/10) - i have a feeling that i'm heard it a hundred times before on different albums

The Real Snow White (7.5/10) - i like it very much just a little bit monotone for me.. but the lyrics is brilliant

The Hungry Ghost (9/10) - surely the best song on this record from the first second to the last it's a masterpiece and Robert's voice is beautiful.. one of the best songs in the last 15 years!

Switch (8/10) - another good one, very dinamic very guitar oriented and Robert's voice is again on the top..

The Perfect Boy (7/10) - a cute song and a typical Cure single but not so much..

This. Here And Now With You (4/10) - and this is the song that i really don't like, it's surely my fault but i can't like of the worst Cure songs in my opinion.

Sleep When I'm Dead (8/10) - perfect bass-line, excellent guitars..

The Scream (8.5/10) - my second favorite on the album this is the classic Cure for me very, very good 'til circa 3:30 and then everything falls apart, again too much and the way Robert sings just hurts my ears (again the same as The Promise).. this one could be one of the best Cure songs.

It's Over (9/10) - brilliant album closer, with a fancy bass-line, the lyrics is so Robert Smith and i like the way how he sings it..

This album is somewhere between Wild Mood Swings and Wish, it's better than Swings but not so good as Wish.. it could bee a much better album with a better studio production (it's f*cking noisy, some points hurts my ears..)
And yes, the keyboards missing but just a little bit, and whatever 4:13 Dream is they are fantastic on concerts!!!
And one last thing: this is how Robert Smith want to make music in these days and this is his decision, we should't expect albums from The Cure like The Head On The Door or Disintegration today.. These are different times they are 20 years older and their field of interest is other like it was twenty years ago.. i do love The Cure very much and waiting for The Dark Album next year..

..lost forever in a happy crowd..


Quote from: lockjaw on December 07, 2009, 14:48:33
The Hungry Ghost (9/10) - surely the best song on this record from the first second to the last it's a masterpiece and Robert's voice is beautiful.. one of the best songs in the last 15 years!

I do agree with you, Hungry Ghost is one of my favourites too! I still like some songs from the album incl. Underneath the Stars and others, but this one is especially good.
It's never enough...


Underneath The Stars

This song actually reminds me of something from Bloodflowers. Just sort of that aura you get from listening to it and that long winded epic droning sound. Don't know how to properly explain it, but it's a great intro to the album and I do enjoy the vocal effects. To me this song sets the mood for The Cure's not-so-happy songs of the album.

The Only one

I like how right after Underneath The Stars you get this sort of uplifting song to bring up The Cure's happy side of the album. I like how it keeps up the beat for pretty much the whole song and doesn't stop and I just enjoy there overall melody and rhythm.

The Reasons Why

A bit of a slow down but still up beat. This is probably might be my favourite song on the album, mostly because of the lyrics and the guitar parts. The back vocals in the chorus always send tingles down my spine.


Sounds more like an interlude than a full song, although I really shouldn't say that because the next song is even shorter. (XD) It sounds more like a dance song, not one of the better one on that albums, but not to bad either.


Contrary to what most Cure fans might think, I actually really like this song, mostly because I listen to other bands like Duran Duran. Basically I like the overall feel and pace of the song and especially the chorus.

The Real Snow White

The only thing I really enjoy about this song is the chorus. The intro with the guitar plucking sounds a little off tune (maybe they were trying to go for that sound, I don't know) and the verses are sort of forgettable.

The Hungry Ghost

My second favourite song on the album. I enjoy the pace of the lyrics and the guitar a lot. The chorus starts out slow with the pauses in between Robert's singing and then he sums it up at the end of the chorus with 'we'll never satisfy the hungry ghost!" which gives it an awesome effect


A very electric sounding and fast paced song. I really like it when Robert says "friends are strangers and strangers are friends" which is my favourite line in the song. And the piano you can eventually hear in the background adds to the feeling.

The Perfect Boy

The first thing I thought when I heard this song was "is Robert running out of names for his songs and recycling old ones?" [/joke]

Actually I like this song because it tells a short story of a boy and girl. And if done correctly, I enjoy songs like that, and this song does exactly that. And Robert's voice is so....epic, during the chorus. (Ooooooooh) He's not the one for sure. etc

This. Hear And Now. With You.

I enjoy the the verses more than the chorus in this song. This song I'm guessing is basically saying now is what matters and I like that sort of idea. However the song to me is one of the less memorable ones of the album, not sure why.

Sleep When I'm Dead

When I first heard the intro to this song I thought "another Hungry Ghost sounding song?" but then Robert goes into "but until then" and it really picks up which I think is really cool, and the chorus is epic. "Sleep when I'm you angels"

The Scream

This song has a really menacing angry creepy feeling to it.....I like it! Not much else to say, it's good!  :-D

It's Over

Indeed it is, very different from some other Cure albums where the outro is a slow song, this on is faster paced. Robert keeps his singing up with the rhythm as well and keeps the words coming. To me the feeling of this song sounds very desperate and still is successful in sending out its mission of ending the album.

Overall I enjoy 4:13 dream very much, but I really hope Robert decides to do another album before he decides to 'quit'.

I give it an 8 out of 10, but that really doesn't matter. XD


Defo not their best :roll: as I am a fan of their older stuff but I have a special love for Underneath The Stars. It's got a beautiful romance to it & the lyrics are just plain lovely  :smth049 :smth049 It's like another Plainsong for me.
Anywho, The Only One is pretty good, Freakshow is not bad either & ThePerfect Boy is probably the ones I like most on the album.


Well, more than three years have passed since 4:13 Dream was released.
I still think it's their best work since Wish, but obviously the sound is not as good as in previous albums. I find myself hearing The Reasons Why, The Hungry Ghost and Sirensong more than the other songs.

Now, I don't know if improved or remastered reissues have been released or not, but a few minutes ago I noticed that the previews in Amazon sounds better than my -canadian- CD. Songs like Underneath the Stars and The Only One don't sound that harsh and overall I hear a difference against my mp3s ripped from my CD...

Please, listen:

Let me know what you think... maybe the UK version is better?

Thanks!  :smth023


Sorry, but to me this sounds equally awful (but with a lot of poor mp3 compression to make it sound strange).

I'm sure all CD versions sound the same - supposedly the vinyl is just as bad too. Really, not much hip with this one unfortunately.

And yep, just checked the original and the album still hurts my ears just as bad as it did the day it came out...


Poor 4:13 Dream, it's a victim of the "Loudness War".
About the vinyl... there are people in the forum, who thinks the vinyl sounds better.
I have the vinyl but I never opened it... maybe soon I will, but having seen that new copies are being sold at $45 or £41.87 ( makes me doubt  :lol:
Thanks for your reply.


It's not just the loudness war, it really does sound like it was recorded by some mentally-challenged person working with a $50 Wal-Mart brand portastudio. The loudness is just the icing on the cake to make it even worse...

For the record, I've never actually heard the vinyl myself.