Author Topic: Peter Hook and The Light 2012.02.09 Bratislava - Majestic Music Club (Slovakia)  (Read 818 times)

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Peter Hook And The Light - Unknown Pleasures
Majestic Music Club
(Attendance: 500-600)

Recorded by: Zs.F.
Positon: on the "balcony" right behind (above) the mixing desk, 12 meters from stage

Core Sound Binaural mics
-> Battery Box (flat response - no filter)
-> Roland Edirol R-09 (24 bit, 48kHz, Mic in, rec. level 15)
-> 8GB Kingston(SD4) SD card

8GB Kingston(SD4) SD card
-> HD (WAV: 24 bit, 48kHz)
-> Sony Sound Forge v9.0
---> Volume boost
---> Boost high frequencies above 7 kHz by 6 dB
---> Boost bass around 80 Hz by 6 dB
---> Fade in/out
---> Tracksplit
---> Conversion to 16 bit, 44.1 kHz FLAC, level 5)

Shared by Zs.F. @ DIME (Feb. 2012)


01. No Love Lost
02. Leaders Of Men
03. Glass
04. Digital
05. Disorder
06. Day Of The Lords
07. Candidate
08. Insight
09. New Dawn Fades
10. She's Lost Control
11. Shadowplay
12. Wilderness
13. Interzone
14. I Remember Nothing

Encore 1

15. Dead Souls
16. Isolation
17. Twenty Four Hours
18. These Days
19. Ice Age
20. Warsaw

Encore 2

21. Transmission
22. Love Will Tear Us Apart

Encore 3

23. Ceremony

Total length: 101:15

Well, I had my preconception, but honestly I enjoyed the show. It was worth the drive from Budapest to Bratislava on a workday. Musically it was correct, and while I know very well that PH <> IC, Mr Hook turned on the audience. Besides, he's 1/4 of Joy Division as well as New Order. I grew up on their music but they didn't pamper us, Central Europeans with too many concerts, so it was good to see (at least) him finally.

All in all, enjoy!

Zs.F. (aka fki)

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