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The Mission

Started by dsanchez, April 27, 2012, 19:12:20

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23rd - Lima, Peru (poster)
24th - Santiago, Chile (poster)
26th - Buenos Aires, Argentina (poster)
27th Sao Paulo, Brazil (poster)


2nd Mexico City (poster)
Wed, 6th: A38, Budapest, Hungary
Thurs, 7th: Palac Akropolis, Prague, Czech Rep.

The Mission join The Cult & Killing Joke

September 2012

Tues 11th: Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
Wed 12th: Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
Fri 14th: Manchester Arena
Sat 15th: Birmingham LG Arena
Sun 16th: London Wembly Arena

2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens


Excerpt from Wayne Hussey's update (April 2013):

QuoteSo, today, this morning, we convene at a rehearsal studio near Bath in the lovely English West Country to start the rehearsals for the recording of our new album. We're gonna spend 10 days here sifting through the approximately 25 new songs that I've written and see what works as a band and what doesn't. And then we will debut some, or hopefully most, of these songs over the three nights of shows at the Bristol Thekla we have coming up shortly.

Directly following the shows we go into the studio in Lincolnshire to start recording the new songs whilst they are fresh and new to us, as well as to you, with the venerable Mr. Dave Allen, eccentric producer extraordinaire, at the helm. Must confess I am really looking forward to it and working with Dave again. 2013 sees the 30th anniversary of Dave and I working together for the very first time when we recorded Dead Or Alive's Misty Circles together...

We hope to have the album, which has the working title suggested by the title of one of my new songs of 'Ain't No Prayer In The Bible Can Save Us Now', all finished, mixed, and mastered by early June in time for a September release to coincide with our tour of the good old' USA.

If only I'd thought of the right words...


If only I'd thought of the right words...


Anyone heard their new album yet (produced by Dave Allen)?
I listened to a few songs here and there (youtube and such), wasn't sure, but now I think I'm going to buy it...
The Mission - Swan Song (Single)
If only I'd thought of the right words...


As announced, I did buy the new album and got to say:
It is much better than expected! Really a good album in my humble opinion!  :smth020
If only I'd thought of the right words...



QuoteThe Mission is following up last year's reunion album The Brightest Light with a brand-new EP that will feature four new songs that each are sung by a different member of the band -- plus, for those who purchase the digital version, a bonus fifth track in the form of a newly recorded cover of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower."

Due out June 2 in Europe, the Different Colours EP will be released as a limited-edition double 7-inch that comes with a free poster and lyric sheet as well as a digital download.

The EP features frontman Wayne Hussey singing "Atomic Heart" (and "All Along the Watchtower"), bassist Craig Adams singing "Carnival," guitarist Simon Hinkler singing "Judgement Day" and drummer Mike Kelly singing "Never Leave Well Enough Alone."

If only I'd thought of the right words...



QuoteWayne Hussey - singer and guitarist in The Mission - talks to Mark Andrews about the band's tumultuous personal relationships as well as the differences between 2017 touring life, the band's early days and working with Billy Corgan
If only I'd thought of the right words...