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The Cure remix 2012

Started by Remy Deck, December 13, 2012, 13:53:23

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Remy Deck

Hello everyone,
here is some new remix of THE CURE that I made this last year. Hundred hours of work to share it with all of you. With all respect to the wonderfull music of THE CURE. Enjoy and share!!!


Good work! thanks for sharing this!

And welcome to :smth023
2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens

Remy Deck

Thank you!
Here is the link to listen to all my works. The idea is to make one new track for each album, mixing several samples of different songs, without any extra sounds added!!!!

please help me to share it with many fans, I think they will enjoy it. I've made it with many respect to the wonderfull music of The Cure!